Spotify ignoring source

Yes, my players also disapear after some time. Aliases only change names of the players.

I think we need a way to hardcode the sources into the spotify component, this should be douable.

This still seems to be a problem.
I cannot play a playlist after some idle time because Spotify doesn’t know the source anymore.
Is there another fix for this?

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Nope, as far as I understand from the replies given here on the forum and on Github, some months ago, it is not regarded as an issue, and the component is working perfectly.

If you have any programming skills I challenge you to showcase that, yes in fact, you cán hardcode the source(memory) into the spotify component HA config, since the current developer(s) disagree, I think :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am not a developer but I would like to know how I could find out the aliases of the Spotify devices.

Me neither…

Start by adding;
default: warning
homeassistant.components.media_player.spotify: info
in configuration.yaml.

Things like 2017-11-06 21:08:56 INFO (Thread-3) [homeassistant.components.media_player.spotify] New Devices: {‘Gymmet’: ‘f610e96da0fe902ced9fc1e98df9b034be7ff0’, ‘Kitchen’: ‘c6aaa3f93b39016a6a2e74ef34f042caee2d3e’} will appear in the log. Those are your aliases.

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To bad this still isnt working like i hoped…

Are ther alternate ways/sources which work better with spotify? Like other devices then the chromecasts audios i can pair to my devices for more reliable control through HA?

Anyone with experiences?

how to get the 5d660xxxx?

I have my sonos named ‘sala’, so it must be: abc123def456: ‘sala’?

I do not know how to get the “abc123def456”

As it is written in the component documentation:

aliases (Optional): Dictionary of device ids to be aliased, handy for devices that Spotify cannot properly determine the device name of. New devices will be logged to the info channel for ease of aliasing.

Maybe it’s a dumb question, but where do i find the info channel with the device id’s?

Found the solution, as posted some posts above by pappajohan

Has anyone found a fix for this?

I’ve added aliases yet still Spotify forgets them


I’m having the same problem, 2 receivers, one source is always showing up in the list, and the other one (2 year older receiver, also with Spotify Connect) isn’t showing up till I stream to it from phone.
When I stop streaming from the phone the source disappear from spotify homeassistant.
Added all the aliases but that didn’t work out also, anybody have other ideas?

I’m still causing problems for poor individuals for not formatting my text correctly above. I apologise and will never ever forget again. Please, let this be right…!

  default: warning
    homeassistant.components.media_player.spotify: info


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Anyone found any fix for the source forgetting?

I think that Chromecast loose the Connect to Spotify and will be offline.

i dont use chromecast tho, only desktop computer and a old android mobile connected to an amplifier.

Is there no solution to the source problem ? The whole spotify component is useless this way (in my opinion), it doesn’t remember any sources at all.

I am on hassio, is this maybe only a hassio problem ?

This is not a hassio only problem. It’s a problem with any version of HA that uses the Spotify component as the issue is specific to the component.

After all this time, I’m actually surprised that no one has worked on a solution for this, especially how popular this component is. I only wish I were a programmer in situations like this. I get that the component owners say that it’s “working as intended,” but these same folks have to be seeing all these threads on here, reddit, elsewhere all asking about the same thing.

So to the component holders, sure… it’s working as intended, but is there nothing to be done to solve for what folks actually need and want?

Apologies if my tone seems harsh, I honestly love this component and use it every single day. However, I’m not a programmer, and relinking my source to the component at seemingly random times gets HUGELY annoying & frustrating after a while. With that said, since this component is so popular, why has the attempts stopped? Many of us are just trying to understand this.

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I think the problem isn’t the plugin but the devices.
I have on my raspberry raspotify and it remain connected to Spotify Connect and you can use the player with audio out on jack or hdmi.
Amazon Echo works in the same way.
Google Home, chromecast and generally android disconnect from Spotify Connect and conseguently lose the connection.
This is my small test.

Agree here, i believe the issue is when using google home and chromecasts.
if you search the forums, for spotify and chromcast you will see many issues

i am looking at mopidy as an alternative as it can link to spotify