Squeezebox authorisation problem

I’ve just password-protected my LMS (Squeezebox) server, and now my HA Squeezebox commands are failing with this error message:

[homeassistant.components.media_player.squeezebox] Query failed, response code: 401 Full message: <ClientResponse( [401 Unauthorized]>

I have my LMS user & password configured as follows:

  - platform: squeezebox
    username: MyLMSUserName
    password: MyLMSPassword

Any idea why the authentication isn’t working? I’m running HA 0.61.1 on Lubuntu

I’m having this same issue. Hope someone chimes in with some suggestions. I’ve tried single and double quotes around my password and no luck. Thought maybe a special character needed to be escaped, tried putting a backslash in front of it, still no luck. :frowning: