SSH Hassio

does anyone have any idea why when I ssh into home assistant with 'ssh [email protected] -p 22’
and login it returns core-ssh instead of [email protected]

That’s because you are ssh’ing into the container for the ssh addon, which is not the same as the host.

how do I got to the host is meant to work as an appliance, so modifying the host is not recommended and not supported. That being said, follow the instructions on

When it says save to root in a authorised key file where does it mean in (/resin-boot)

It means put a file in the root of the directory

which is where

so the root folders directory


It’s on the sdcard.

will I need to remove sd card to do this

The root of a directory is the location specified. In other words, don’t make another folder below it and don’t put it in a folder below that one. So the root directory of /resin-boot is literally /resin-boot

great Thank you

Yes. How else would you get to it? Plug it into another computer and modify what’s needed.

Thank you very much

is it just the public key

It should be just the public key.

I’m Getting
Permission denied (publickey).

When it says authorised keys file does it mean folder or just the public key

When it says authorised keys file does it mean folder or just the public key saved as authorised keys

In the root of that folder, you need to have a file called authorized_keys. Inside that file should be the one line with your public key in it. I don’t use played around with it months ago, but decided I preferred an Intel NUC running docker), so I say you need to refer to the documentation that HASSIO/resinos provides for ssh access. After all of this though, I don’t know what you are looking to accomplish.