Star Trek LCARS Theme

Couple of things to check:

  1. In your browser dev tools, do you see any log lines with the word LCARS in orange text?
  2. If not, is your site behind CloudFlare? If so, you may need to purge your site cache there.
  3. Fresh cache refresh on your browser is always a good practice–Shift+Ctrl/CMD+R
  4. If you are experiencing this issue in the app, it’s a little harder to make the js changes show up. Completely killing the app and restarting can help, and sometimes just waiting enough hours it seems the app will automatically invalidate its cache and pick up new cache.
  5. Please confirm that you added a new Resource with either path to the local file, or if you chose to use the JSDelivr CDN link, that link.

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me.

  1. The only log error I see for Lcars is for the .js file. It says :- Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘state’) It says the same thing if I use the url CDN link instead of the local js file. In both cases the seam issue on the sidebar is cured so it must be loading this file ok to some degree.
  2. I dont have cloudflare.
  3. I have refreshed the browser, no change.
  4. Not using the app, just using Edge Browser on Windows 10 PC on which Virtual box and HASS is installed.
    Yes, I have the following resource to the js file: /local/community/lcars.js with Javascript Module enabled.

Thanks for checking all of those. I bet I know what’s going on. What version of Home Assistant?

I have a Windows 10 PC running Virtual Box HASS installed in that with the following systems:-



Operating System
Home Assistant OS 10.1

For now I have got rid of the js file and url link. It creates a barrage of error logs (as reported above in my reply to your 5 checks, same error repeated over and over again) in the system and I dont like that.

Okay, so it appears it’s not finding the entities. Can you screenshot the entityId of the LCARS Sound and LCARS Texture entities, please? If they are not named correctly, that would produce the error.


Okay, there’s the problem: Name column vs. Entity ID column. Name can be whatever you want, but the Entity ID needs to be what you have in the Name column. You should be able to edit those to change the Entity IDs for both toggles to look like the following:

I’ll make this more clear in the documentation.

The trouble is I name it as per your instructions (literally) it then altered the Entity ID to what I have in my screenshot.

Thanks for your help.

I will have another go at it later after I walk my hound.

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I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve had. Please let me know if you have any trouble after you rename the entities.

Got it working. The naming of the entity is SOOO fussy! You cannot just modify the entity ID, it whines about keeping the domain name the same (whatever that is supposed means) so I had to name them very carefully.

I got it to work by naming the entities lcars_sound and lcars_texture which forced it to create Entity Ids of input_boolean.lcars_sound and input_boolean.lcars_texture.

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Well, for whatever reason, it seems it can’t find your entity. If you have verified that the entity id is exactly
input_boolean.lcars_sound and not input_boolean.input_boolean.lcars_sound
the only other thing I can think of at the moment is to make sure that the entities are enabled:

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See above. Thanks for the help. Got there is the end.

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Great! Glad you got it working.

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I just want to share, that I’ve build an LCARS themed tablet with HADashboard based on Rene Todes Skin.
Skin: LCARS (star trek) beta - Third party integrations / HADashboard - Home Assistant Community (


is it possible to add a picture background to this theme, with the thinking of making it look similar

Since the last HA update I no longer get the clock in the upper corner of the screen, it says unknown instead. I’m not sure if it’s the update or something else, I had to reinstall the threedy card 2 times because of an issue with that right after the update.

Any pointers on where to look to sort this out? I’m assuming it’s a sensor somewhere that’s off.

There are many ways to accomplish this, though I have not done them myself. You can check in the card-mod documentation because that is what you would do it with. Also, if you join the HA-LCARS Discord server, you can ask all the wonderful folks there how they did it. They are smart, friendly people.

Sorry for the long wait on this reply. I have been swamped with work and life. I’ll have to investigate the clock issue, and someone has already suggested an update to the documentation on a better way to implement it.
I am much more responsive on the Discord server, BTW, and you also get the added benefit of the brilliant community there who often help in ways I can’t.

I just updated to the latest version, and I am unable to reproduce your issue. You might want to check to make sure your time configuration is still intact in your configuration file (check the documentation for more details). Also, I love your replicator. :sunglasses:

I found the issue. I created a bunch of sensors for my printer in the sensor.yaml file and somewhere, somehow, it screwed up the date/time sensors. It was strange because I was not getting a configuration error. I just happened to stumble across it when I started trying to add another sensor below the date/time ones

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