State Attributes Issue


I’ve just setup my first Aqara Roller Shade Driver. I’m trying to add an option to open and close the blind +/-5 from a Hue Dimmer remote.

If I check 2 different commands in the developer console to add 5% to the current value they show the correct result:

Setting a value for the blind set position works as well, 10 as an example here:

If I try to add the template into the automation then it complains it’s expecting an open, close etc command but yet it accepts a number?!

How can I get it to accept the current value plus 5%?

One other thing, how are the close_tilt and open tilt positions set? I can only see open and closed in Z2M.

Don’t use device actions. They will bite you in the end.

Use services. Those allow for templating. use the cover.set_cover_position service, there are also services for tilt:

Thank you!

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