State definitions in climate

Hi, I am working on the thermostat Netatmo and found that the state definitions in the common climate component are not quite sufficient, for example, the operation mode/state should also include:

Schedule: running according to the schedule
Max: keep heating continuously
Hg: frost protection only

What should I do on this? Should I make a pull request on the components/climate/ to add? Or should I only define in Netatmo code and try to add the “translations” in the frontend?

You hit the nail here. WHAT is my options ? That is simply the Master Mystery of all these API’s and I think we only can guess - I have not found any way to get the states and that is a major problem. You are right that it should be possible to call an API with a state option request and it should then reply with state options. But if this is possible I don’t know.

I have a Netatmo thermostat I’m trying to figure out what my options is and I have no clue (is it heat and not-heat or what?):

If you think it’s a generic state then yes. Apart from that, the integrations that support these modes should implement them as well.

you can look in the code :wink:
if you look at a climate entity’s property (your climate.netamo_valve_1) you should see a hvac_modes attribute - it lists all supported modes.

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