Stop internet to certain devices

I am looking for a way to stop internet connection for my kid after 2-3 hours of daily usage.(mobile and laptop)
I have found some older threads about it but I am not even sure if Ι can install it with my set up. eg this one

Is there any alternative that I am missing. Any component ideally?

my set up

host_os	Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
installation_type	Home Assistant Supervised
os_name	Linux
os_version	5.3.0-61-generic

I think I saw someone doing this with the Adguard addon.

Or maybe it was this custom component:

I saw adguard but I am not sure if it can do this. I will ask for confirmation.
I saw also the other component but it is Depreciated
and I haven’t understand what I have to do to install it

!!! Depreciated !!!
This repo has been splitted into separate repos which are also compatible with HACS or you can install them manually.

Attributes Clientraw MikroTik

please follow

Use router to block access. Login to router ==> Firewall ==> Access Control ==> Block access to the Internet services from within the LAN.

The first thing I need is to count how many hours the ips of my kid laptop or mobile are using the internet. Right now I have a Speedport Plus router (from the internet provider) and a mikrotik setup as an access point.

Can you give me an example please how I could use your component?

i already posted how-to in Disable internet to any device

Thanks. I will give it a try tomorrow. Do you know if there is a way to count how many hours a device is actually using the internet ?

If the device is switched off or disconnected from router there is probably a way but if it’s on all the time there isn’t as far a i know

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