Stop location update at home (wifi)

Is there a way to config a home wifi and make the location update interval pause if you are at home?
I did a small test and i saw that with location enabled the app takes almost ~double battery (24h at home, same conditions).


I assume you mean for the companion app and this is indeed a good idea, battery consumption for location related stuff skyrockets and it would be good to allow some control over it.
As people are often also 8hrs+at work, I would propose to base this on zone, i.e. if in zone abc then reduce update…maybe you can raise a feature request

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Nice to hear that.
I will, where can i do this?
I didnt want to open a github issue, but maybe i should?
or someone can tag/mention here one of the developers?

Via this forum, raise it as a feature request

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Feature request posted here:

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Any updates on this? I’ve got 500 location updates a day.