Stuck on onboarding

Home assistant 0.97.2 on a nuc running Ubuntu 18.04. This has been running perfectly for months and over numerous versions.

I was originally running in a venv. Then the other day I decided to try MFA with google authenticator. After activating that I couldn’t login. After trying various fixes I decided to back up all of my .homeassistant/ directory and start again.

Trouble is I then cannot get past onboarding. I put in my name username and password. I put in a location on the next screen, then on the next screen set up the auto detected esphomes, hue, etc and click finish. Then it just sits there on a page with the logo and the words Home Assistant at the top of the page and a circle going round and round. No matter how long I wait it just sits there doing the same.

Thinking something might be wrong in my venv, I turned that instance off and installed via docker. Same thing.

I have cleared and recleared my browser cache (it is chrome on windows by the way) and restarted the windows machine.

A new install runs just default_config which doesn’t seem to start logging.

This is becoming very frustrating.

Any tips?

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maybe try deleting the auth file under .storage and the onboarding file

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No it appears to be not as simple as that.

Got it going now, using firefox. Buggered if I know what is wrong with chrome. I can’t be bothered now, whole day down the tube and now I have setting up to do all over again. At least I have my backed up config.

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Not sure if you have tried
press f12 when on the HA login page
Right click on the refresh icon and select empty cache and hard reload


Thank you again, but even that didn’t help. But I did learn something :slight_smile:

Same here - Chrome was broken for me, but switching to Safari on Mac sorted this out (with HomeAssistant itself running on a RaspberryPi on my home network)