Stuck with device integration

I bought a few alexa compatable outlets ( before the holidays. I started learning home assistant and now I want everything running through HA. In researching how to incorporate these outlets I found this post: Add Support for Smart Life Components which instructed me to run through the app’s API. I have added one of the outlets to the app on my phone but I have no idea what to do next. I started creating a developer account on the tuya website and it is having me create new application. I feel like Im probably doing something wrong and was hoping someone can help get me back on track. Just to be clear, I want to be able to control my wifi plugin outlets with home assistant even though I understand it is through their app.

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I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing. If we could get it integrated with home assistant it would work no problem

If I figure it out before anyone posts I will be sure to include it in this thread. I am fairly new to HA though and I dont have a programming background so a lot of simple concepts have been going over my head leading to hours and days of research.

We will get there!

Please, does anyone have any guidance?