Success! IKEA Trådfri bulbs paired to Hue hub without IKEA Gateway

Just thought I’d share my success in getting an IKEA Trådfri bulb paired to a Philips Hue hub WITHOUT using the IKEA gateway, I don’t even own an IKEA gateway. I bought the bulb today (batch 1729) and using the pair method of switching the lights on and off 6 times the bulb successfully appeared in the Hue app and is fully controllable via the Hue app, Alexa, Home (iOS app via Homebridge) and of course Home Assistant.

I believe any bulb of batch 1721 and up will work. See photos.


I got a little carried away :slight_smile:

Oh…wow this is perfect!! Looks like I need to make a trip to Ikea soon :slight_smile:

Awesome! Great success.

I’ve also had similar success. I’ve currently paired one of the newer E27 RGB lamps without any issues using the reset and touchlink method, usable from the Hue app (full colour support and everything) but doesn’t export to HomeKit, not a massive loss for me but something worth noting.

I’ve got 6 GU10 lights that I need to pair up to the Hue hub then I can be rid of the extra IKEA hub.

I guess, we can always use Homebridge

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Do I need a Trådfri gateway to update firmware of Trådfri bulbs or is there another way to update them? We should make/keep a list with batch numbers for the bulbs that have the Trådfri firmware that supports HomeKit. I think a lot of people would like to know.

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Jest to confirm…gu10s are working with hue bridge on FW .214?

how do you pair the ikea bulb with Philips Hue Hub?
is there a Guide?

I think it is just switching the lights on and off 6 times

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That’s all I did, there’s even a video from IKEA.

I recommend one bulb at a time.

Do you think it would work with the Sengled hub?

Which one?

The GU10, both verssions, soft white and white spectrum.
I haven’t found another GU10 in even close to the price IKEA has them for, would be nice if I didn’t have to buy the hub and 1 communication device.

I’d like to share that i have just bought 2 bulbs from batch 1731 in Denmark and they cannot be found by following your example.
So, just taking any batch above 1721 does not work

Follow the video: With the light on flick it off 6x’s you should finish with the bulb back on. My bulb went off and then I searched with the Hue app. Can confirm GU10 works I have box 19972 batch 1737. No Ikea hub needed. Scroll down to the video link apt gave. Its under power and resetting.if you need a visual.

Shouldn’t need the Ikea hub unless you have the old bulbs

Are you all pairing like you would a hue light from any distance, or still pairing 5cm or less to the hub as the Ikea manual instructs? Seems strange if you had downlight in your ceiling, having to pair each one close to the hub first.

Ah I misunderstood didn’t realise the Ikea hub came with a remote for pairing the lights which has a 5cm maximum distance.

I bought another 2 GU10’s today, batch 1733 and again managed to get these paired without much issue. You can tell when the bulbs are in pairing mode as they ‘dim’ briefly after doing the off/on 6 times trick. I removed my existing bulbs from the light fixture first so not to put those back into paring mode and loose the settings.

I now have a total of 6 GU10 spots in a kitchen fittings and can control them independently for different areas of the kitchen. Looking forward to Trådfri coloured bulbs in 2018.

I got myself the 1733 today. And I can’t make it happened.

what firmware are u running on hue bridge, iOS/android app?

Successful reseting the bulbs.