Success! IKEA Trådfri bulbs paired to Hue hub without IKEA Gateway

I have tried both, and separate rooms and different lamps.

The longest 3meters away, with no luck.

I’m running latest firmware on hue bridge v.2 and latest update on hue app for ios.

Does anyone know what the other number represents on the box I got 3 1733 batches, but 2 have ZY-1721 and one has ZY-1719 on the printed part of the box near the batch number, anyone know what these are seems like same format 2017 - Week number format

Latest HUE bridge firmware. Keep trying it IS possible. Try rebooting your bridge then follow the steps again.

Unsure what they are. No really looked into it but would be curious to find out.

Hey just to update I got them working now, it was simply the distance issue once I got the bulbs within 2 metres of the hub they detected, didn’t even have to reset bulbs with x6 switch they work out of box just need to get them closer, I tested the distance of the Philips gu10 and they do connect at longer distances

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Thanks for your post! :smiley:
I have successfully paired an E27 1000lm 12.5W (batch 1743) and a GU10 400lm 5.3W (batch 1733).

I have used this guide starting at part 2

For pairing the GU10 spots I have used the Hue Lights app ( because the Philips Hue app couldn’t find these although the lights were within 1 meter of the hub.

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That’s great news. Because I use homebridge for my HomeKit integration with the lights I’d be interested to hear of the HomeKit/Siri integration works for the lights just with Philips Hue bridge. I heard the functionality was removed in recent firmware releases but if someone can test that would be great.

I bought 4 ikea GU10 bulbs today for my bedroom. Couldnt get them connected, so i plugged them in my kitchen and manage to connect them to the hue bridge/app. Moved them back upstairs to my bedroom and cant connect anymore then if i plug them back in the kitchen i still cant connect to them even though they was before i moved them. They should be able to connect as my room is directly above my living room where my bridge is and i have 3x hue bulbs in my sons room which is abit further away and they work fine.

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I just bought the E26 batch number 1732 and I was unable to pair it with my philips hue. I tried the 6x on/off trick. Didn’t work.

I also tried the lamp finder app: Interestingly, the light would dim a bit for about 10 sec and then brighten up but the lamp finder app at the end would say it could not find any lights. Bummer. I’ll try and return these lights.

Having found this resource helpful in getting Tradfri Ikea bulbs working with my Hue system, thought I’d confirm that 4 Ikea GU10 bulbs from batch 1739 linked fine (using lamp finder) to my system with no updates required.

Took a few goes and some took a couple of attempts to link. I used a “wandering lead” and literally placed the bulbs on the Hue hub. They all needed the reset (6 times off / on) but they all now work perfectly, also working with Alexa. Thanks for the help!


Hi. I bought Ikea GU10 Batch 1744 and they worked fine with my Hue system. No update needed. I used Touchlink to connect. I bought E27 with colors and one E14 from same Batch. The Color bulbs worked fine but E14 did not worked. I will try one more time.

I am from Gothenburg, Sweden


I struggled to get the GU10s working for me with the 6-switch trick. Below are the steps which worked for me. Note: I had already bought the IKEA Gateway and controller.

  1. Connect the bulb as close to the hue hub as possible. I was less than 25cm away. Turn it on.
  2. Hold the controller as close as possible to the light and hold down the link button until the bulb stops flashing.
  3. Turn the light off and on again 6 times “quickly” (maybe pause for .5s between flicks).
  4. Use the Hue Lights app (link above) and force a Touchlink search
  5. You should see your light dim and brighten. That means it’s connected.
  6. Once the search finishes, you should be able to switch to your Hue app and control as normal.

Hope this helps!

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hi im new here, i have managed to get my gu10 bulbs connected to the hue hub hower i just annot get alexa to work with them, is there a guide i can follow as nothing appears to work. i have now bought a ikea hub and remote but i cannot get the hub to pair with my wifi

You may need to rediscover using the Alexa app.

I had many issues putting my batch 1744 GU10s onto my V1 Hue bridge. The Hue app completely refused to see the lights.

For reference, the Lamp-Finder from as mentioned above totally resolved it. All 6 lights discovered first time around, and added to the bridge. Just give them 30 seconds to boot before scanning.

I’m new here, but just wanted to thank all the contributors here - I used the tips above to get a Tradfri white spectrum lamp (bought yesterday from Ikea in London) connected to my Hue bridge.
It wasn’t smooth, though - the Hue app couldn’t locate the lamp, so the procedure that eventually worked was this:
1 I used Touchlink on the Hue Lights app to find the lamp.
2. Eventually it appeared in the Hue app, but the lamp was ‘unreachable’ even when powered on. The app did show the firmware version of the lamp to be 1.2.217, so I knew that control should be achievable.
3. I rebooted the Hub, the lamp and the Hue app & left everything alone for half an hour. Now I have full control of the lamp.

So, thanks for the input from everyone here - the Ikea lamp now works really well & the white spectrum control is really smooth.


Hey late reply to this, yes I used home bridge too, seems to work fine you have to restart start the service each time you add a bulb. Not sure which hue package your using on home bridge, but the one im using only adds the bulbs that aren’t official hue bulbs, all hue bulbs still go through HomeKit the normal way. I recently purchased the new Ikea tradfri LED driver unit, which works fine with hue too and home bridge. I made a post about it yesterday.

I was able to add an IKEA trådfri bulb today from batch 1749 with SW: 1.2.214 using:

I talked to IKEA, and can confirm that this is year:week in YYWW format.

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I assumed all the old stock would be out of the channel by now.
I picked up a 1000lm dimmer kit (bulb + rotating controller) and seems to be from batch 1647.
Hue app cannot find it + touchlink pairing does not work (although it does make the ikea bulb dim and pulse softly for ~20 seconds)

Can it be right that this was manufactured in 2016? AFAIK Ikea didn’t announce the Tradfri products until around mid 2017. Seems unlikely that volume production started in 2016…