Sudden cease of lux reporting from Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

Sorry to jinx ya, but yeah that’s what I experience as well. Although in my case it’s only lux that reports 0, and the temp reports about 15-20 degrees higher. Once the lux value recovers, the temperature value becomes more in line with reality.
Ill have to set aside some time to debug the issue. My idea right now is to set an automation which watches for this condition, as well as sift thru Deconz logs when I see it happen

Not sure you jinxed it - would probably happen anyway, I guess.

In my case, all reporting ceases. Nothing at all (lux, temp, batt, motion…) - until it recovers, apparently.

I’ll shout if I figure anything out. Could be an interference issue, perhaps, but I have a Hue bulb 3 ft away from the motion sensor, and that bulb shows no problems, so I would be surprised if it’s interference.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue (again) since today. The lux measurement just quit on me.
Schermafbeelding 2022-05-25 160140

I noticed that my firmware was outdated (, which I’m currently upgrading to The changelog does mention this issue:
Schermafbeelding 2022-05-25 160304

I’ve had this issue before, but it resolved itself overnight. Researching the web shows signs that this is common with the Philips Outdoor Motion Sensor.

UPDATE: As soon as the firmware upgrade process reached 23% (after 17 minutes), the lux values returned! The progress stalled, but all is working fine now.

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Looks good. But, I’d wager that its possible the issue will return for two reasons:

  1. That update is from 3 years ago (Why they sell new sensors with an even older firmware is beyond me)
  2. I’d read that the issue was still occurring for some users (on the Hubitat forum) even after the firmware update was implemented

That said, I still want to try upgrading the firmware on mine, but I haven’t figured out how to do so without the Hue hub. I didn’t see a firmware listed for it within the Deconz VNC interface. Can you share your method?

EDIT: Was able to update to the firmware from 2019 by manually uploading it to Deconz via the Docker cp command. Upgrade is in progress.

The upgrade was a success (after 86 minutes), and so far, I have been getting good readings on the sensor. Let’s hope it stays this way.

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Same. My motion automations within the house havent activated during the middle of the day, so the upgrade seems to be holding so far. Lux values look good.

I’m experiencing the same issues however through ZHA. Is the fix to have the hue hub working instead of ZHA for the sensor?

No. Update it to the latest firmware. I’m unsure if ZHA can do fw updates though

Mine has been working for the last 3 weeks without any issues. Keeping my fingers crossed…

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Same here. Thank goodness, otherwise this sensor is junk.

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After the firmware upgrade, I haven’t had any issues. Fingers crossed!


Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead but I’m facing similar issues. I’ve brought my hardware and devices over from a functioning OpenHAB installation (using Mosquitto and Zigbee2MQTT) and, as others have mentioned, the temperature isn’t updating for this device in Home Assistant. I was able to get a new value when I re-interviewed it but it hasn’t changed since then. I’m using the Zigbee integration to handle these devices and, for the most part, everything has been working swell but this has been a sticking point.

[3 hours later]
I’ve attempted to update the firmware on this device and it was rejected for being the same file revision so I’m guessing that’s not the fix I’m looking for.

What version are you running? Mine has been flawless since I last reported on it.

Assuming you mean the multisensor firmware version. Mine is at

I actually meant to come back to this topic and update, as well. I ended up getting around this by removing ZHA and installing Zigbee2MQTT. Once that was running, the data reporting has been flawless.