Sudden cease of lux reporting from Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

I have a Hue outdoor motion sensor that I purchased a few months ago for the purposes of measuring light for automations. The sensor usually fits the bill, except that on some days, I find that my “sun down” automations are active when I arrive home during broad daylight.
When this happens, I find the sensor reporting 1 lux in HA, and within Deconz, the sensor reports 0 lux.
To make sure the device wasnt faulty, I purchased another one. This one did the same thing today. See graph for examplelux_false

I have only found one other user on the Hubitat forums that described the issue. But, since I’ve been able to reproduce the issue pretty consistently, I am confused as to why I haven’t seen more examples

We have two of these hue outdoor sensors paired directly to Hue hub and have just checked history for ours and they are both working correctly with no dropouts, sorry that’s probably not much help to you but I guess that maybe suggests a local problem to you more than anything else.

I’d tend to agree there. The only thing I can think of is that I will need a Hue hub, which sucks as then I’ll have two Zigbee coordinators instead of one

You could try Zigbee2mqtt with your deconz stick.

I have the same problem, but noticed today that temperature is also not reporting. This started with the firmware upgrade to 2.15.3 I did last week. The temperature and lux values are basically stuck on what they were when I performed the upgrade. I will open a problem on Github.

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You upgraded the firmware? I assume that means you are using the Hue hub and still experience the same issue?

I’m not yet convinced the issue is with Deconz itself yet. Plus I figure switching integrations would be a major PIA, especially since all the other 20+ devices I have on the Zigbee side are fine

No, I use a Conbee 2 stick and upgraded the firmware on it. I use Deconz.

Good info. That lends more credence these don’t work correctly without the hue hub. :expressionless:

I guess it’s also still possible that Deconz isn’t handling the sensor correctly.

They used to though. Mine worked perfectly for a year. Something has changed.

Opened an issue here: Deconz: Hue movement sensors no longer report temperature or lux. · Issue #71860 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

You can see how the temperature attribute just stopped a few days ago:

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I assume you checked the status of the sensor in Phoscon?

Yup. It shows the identical information. I pulled a movement sensor off the wall and laid it in the sun for 20 minutes and the temperature value didn’t change.

So your issue is with either deCONZ or the sensor itself, I would think? And the problem persisted when you changed the battery?

I have the same issue on a brand new purchased sensor as well as the one I’ve had for maybe half a year. Both batteries report over 97%.
I suppose it is possible something in Deconz changed. Will have to begin debugging it, but it’s not exactly an easy process

I’ve had the exact same issue with the Phillips Hue motion sensor. It was working great until 2022.5.(1 or 2). After the upgrade occupancy and illuminance stopped working and had been erratically coming and going (working and not working) until yesterday. All is working now, with no change on my end.

When it wasn’t working, reconfigure would fail on all but the 1st 2 bindings. Not reconfigure is also working. Odd…

I’m struggling with similar issues with my Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor (SML002). I use zigbee2mqtt and the SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus. The problem started recently, probably after updating to 2022.5.something, I don’t know the exact date. I’ve had the sensor for half a year or so, and I have not had issues with it until now.

I thought it was a matter of the sensor loosing touch with the coordinator, or a battery failure, but I’ve replaced the batteries and repaired the sensor, and it reports nothing.

The Hue (indoor) Motion Sensor (SML001) still works without issues and the indoor and outdoor sensors have the same firmware version ( I was suspecting a device failure, but after finding this thread I’m not so sure anymore. Not sure what to make of it.

For information: At 22:58:44 CEST yesterday evening, my Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor started reporting lux, temp, motion, and battery. I did not do anything (I had gone to bed, to be specific). It’s a mystery.

@uphillbattle @tom6 Unfortunately while the readings look good most days, there will be others where it just stops reporting values all of a sudden. For instance, yesterday between 3:01p and 5:30p, the sensor reported no lux values. Then, all of a sudden, the values began reporting again. Pretty frustrating.

@cree8 That’s a bummer. Nothing else on my Zigbee network does that - and the outdoor motion sensor has worked without issue for more than 6 months. Could be hardware malfunction, perhaps?

I’m seeing the same thing now. The Outdoor motion sensor worked fine for about 4 days; now it hasn’t reported a thing for almost 24 hours.