Suggestions for detecting people _accurately_

I have nest cam’s all around the outside of my house, I thought that if I used the people detection trigger from these that I’d have a reliable way of triggering actions. Alas, moths are sometimes seen as people and I woke everyone on the first night and had German shepherds barking in the garden via Sonos and a voice saying the police had been called - it was quite an adrenaline rush at 1am!

Any better suggestions? Maybe require 2 triggers from different cameras or perhaps some other device?

Have a look at this. Supposed to be very accurate:

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has anyone had much luck with using it for person detection accuracy?

Are you running it on a raspberry pi 3b+? What’s your device? What’s the impact on the performance? Seems like it’s going to take quite a toll on low powered devices…

I dont use it, hence: “supposed to be”.

Yeah I would assume you are going to need something more powerful than a pi.

lol! How did the neighbours enjoy that?

I slid out early the next day :wink:

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Looks like it, yes:

Do you have the Nest Camera or the Camera IQ? I have two of the IQ’s, and a Nest Hello doorbell. Person detection is flawless for both. (I am not using the Nest Aware service - the ML inference is all done in the camera. You do give up detection of individual people however.)

I’ve tried a couple of things. The most successful so far has been to do it with a Pi that sniffs for the MAC addresses on our (4) mobile phones. I’ve done this 2 ways. Firstly with Bluetooth LE which is reasonably stable. The main problem is range. One bedroom is right in the limit for it so he can sometime appear to be out when he’s actually in. I then tried using the WiFi MAC address. This is less stable as it seems to drop off regularly when the phones go to sleep. This is despite me setting it to keep the WiFi on when the phone is asleep.

I did try a Tile as well but that was very sketchy with the quick and dirty way I did it. You could do 3 scans, one after another and see any permutation of in/out.