Sungrow SH10.RT Modbus integration


I created a Modbus based integration for a Sungrow SH10.RT inverter, which should be working for
SH3.6RS, SH4.6RS, SH5.0RS, SH5.0RT, SH6.0RS, SH8.0RT, SH6.0RT, SH10RT

and maybe SH5K-20 SH3K6 SH4K6 SH5K-V13 SH5K-30


Please let me know, if you have any questions and comments. If there is enough demand and with some help, I can also try to create a more user-friendly GUI-based integration (but I don’t know how to do that, yet!)

Best Regards,

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Hi @mkai, works fine on my Sungrow SH5K (it’s the original SH5k-v13 version) so can confirm working well.

@mkai it works vor SH5.0RT. But I found one issue. For the Energy dashboard are only the Total values offered, which is wrong, we need the active values there, can you please have a look into it?


what do you mean with “active values”?

The build-in energy dashboard requires monotonic increasing “kWh values”. The reason behind this is that the measured energy values (kWh) are much more accurate than the current / momentum values (Watts) due to the scanning interval (5 seconds in my pre-defined settings)

I made some screenshots with my settings. It takes over an hour, until the dashboard displays reasonable date.

Can you check, if this works for you?

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Looks very good, and will be implemented as soon as I get my solarcells installed.

Do you have any plans to include batterymanagement? Forced charging/discharging based on schedule?

Hi folks,

I’m looking at buying a Sungrow inverter, but am seeing reports online that they’re rolling out a firmware update that locks out Modbus access with encryption:

Have any of you experienced this?