Sungrow Winet-S addon for newer inverters

There’s a few Sungrow integrations already, however all the current ones struggle with newer inverters like the SH8.0RS and SH10RS which don’t provide some key information over their modbus interface.

My integration gets all the key metrics from the inverter via the Winet-S dongle’s internal Websocket API every 10 seconds and sends them to Home Assistant via MQTT with automatic discovery.

It can be combined with the existing modbus integrations for full control of the inverter.

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Thanks Nick, your addon saved the day for me with my SH10RS and WiNet-S2.

I had ananas open (a modbus testing software) manually trying different modbus addresses from the semi-secret modbus pdf when I eventually found your link to your addon. Saved me whole lot of time. Thank you so very much. I was struggling with bohdan-s/SunGather.

I have a couple of opportunities for improvement (not critical but if u have time):

  • I have a hybrid inverter but no battery yet, and option to turn off reading battery related data would be nice.
  • I only have 1 phase so optionally turning off the reads for phases 2 and 3.

Not essential by any means, just giving possible options.

I have blocked the isolarcloud / sungrow servers in the DNS so firmware updates shouldn’t be able to be pushed to the inverter or WiNet-S2.

Thanks! I’m glad it’s working for you.

The addon actually does (nearly) no processing or hard coding of what parameters it pulls. Rather you’ll notice the parameters you see in Home Assistant are exactly what the Winet web interface shows.
I went for this approach since it seems Sungrow inverters are quite inconsistent from model to model. :slight_smile: This way it automatically adapts.

Unfortunately this means there isn’t a good way to know when a parameter isn’t used since the Winet UI shows it anyway. I probably wouldn’t want to try hard coding a list in as that would get messy.

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No problem at all Nick, I totally understand where you are coming from.

I’m updating to V1.6 right now :slight_smile:

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Hi Nick
i am using the SG10RS inverter, and i cant seen to get the entities to show up.
i am assuming its my mqtt url? my mqtt is an addon in the homeassistant and i have a seperate mqtt user too.
any help would be nice, i have already pulled enough of my hair. :wink:

Hi @hadi1

Does the addon’s logs seem to indicate it’s working and connected to MQTT? The logs should indicate if there’s any issue talking to MQTT.

From there it’s using MQTT Discovery. If Home Assistant is talking to MQTT correctly then out of the box it should automatically discover the new sensors.

Hey NickS,

Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work!
I was able to get all my input register polling off modbus and onto this.
It was the final straw for me to migrate my HA from a docker on my overworked synology into a HAOS VM on my Proxmox server. The addon is great :slight_smile:

I notice that a lot of other addons are available stand-alone for those of us that use container install, is that something that would be possible with your addon too? Just out of interest, won’t be needing it myself at least!


No problem @frankyman . :slight_smile: I’ve pushed a new version that includes a Docker compose file and a sample .env file which can be used to more easily run it standalone.

Let me know if you have any issues. It’s a tiny bit more complicated than normal just because it needs to know the right architecture for the base image, it looks like HA doesn’t make multiarch base images. :frowning:

Hey @NickS, cheers for the quick reply!
I tested out your standalone docker container and it worked with minimal effort :slight_smile:
I had trouble cloning the repository initially but realised I had to clone the whole home-assistant-repo, not just winet-extractor. I’m sure someone else who is stuck on a container HA install will find it useful!