Sunricher ZG2858A and zha


I’m quite new to home assistant, so i’m not sure where to look for. I’ve successfully paired several devices, set up some automations, and most things works fine. The doc is really good.

However, i’m struggling with this remote (ZG2858A, ). It pairs fine, but when i look in the device page:

  • the only entities created are related to battery control, indentify button, or firmware
  • when i press some buttons on the remote, i see the event correclty displaying on the left pane (on, off, step up, set brightness, etc.)
  • when i try to create an automation, the only events i see are also related to firmware / battery

I would like to create automation based on the remote actual events, such as move to rgb, and such.

My setup is the following:

  • home assistant operating system 12.1 (on a virtual machine), core 2024.3.3
  • zigbee sky connect v1
  • zha plugin

The device is marked as compatible with zigbee2mqtt ( Sunricher ZG2858A control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT ), but i’d rather not change that now. Nearly everything is working.

I can do direct binding between the remote and a light, it works well. What i’m after is getting the remote events in ha.

If i’ve understood correctly, i may need to write a quirk. But i have a hard time on finding doc on how to do that. Any pointers will be very welcomed.

Replying to myself, because things are much clearer now.

  • in the development tools, you can listen to “events”. The key is to listen to zha_event, and then, press some buttons: events are correctly received, so everything is fine there. So, no quirks required.
  • with a blueprint, you can set up triggers on events, with the correct data. Things are in good shape, i can control every aspect of the lights (color, temp, brightness). i will share the blueprint once it’s ready (i’m still having issues with the implementation of move_with_on_off / stop_with_on_off pair).
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Blueprint’s here (for anyone interested):