Super Simple Lock Manager available

I developed my own super simple lock manager for my Zwave Kwikset locks. Posting the code in case it’s useful to anyone else. I had been using keymaster, which was very functional, but overkill for my needs and created a lot of helpers, scripts and automations which were cluttering my system.

The key difference is that this solution requires only 24 helpers (for 8 lock codes) and 2 automations (with some small modifications to specify your lock entities and notification service).

markaggar/HA_Simple_Lock_Manager: Simple Zwave Lock Manager (

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I did something similar. Keymaster is massively bloated and not reliable.

This is exactly what I was looking for!

I simplified the install process, making it a package and a single place in the file to edit. I may add it to HACS or try to convert it to a blueprint, but probably won’t unless I get bored.

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Nice! Thanks for doing this. Now need to make sure more people see this post!


This looks great. You should post in the keymaster thread. Its way too bloated for me to deal with - this seems much more manageable!

Would be great if this could be installed by HACS - would get a lot of distribution that way too.

Thanks for this! I can’t get my notify working though. Any solution? I changed my device to “mobile_app_pixel_7_pro_ha_app”

That’s a service, not a device. Calling the service will send a notification to the device associated with service. Have you tested that this service works?