Supervised on Docker

Is it possible to Supervised HA on Docker ?
How to do it with docker-compose ?

No - the only supported option is this one, and you have to read and follow the requirements exactly.

If you’re using Supervised to allow you to run other software outside of add-ons then you’ll immediately be ignoring the requirements and will have a system that’s unhealthy and unsupported. Things will break.

Thanks for answer.
If I install Core version on Docker, how can I reused all I have done on Supervised ?
Is It possible to backup on Supervised and restore on Core ?

Only supervisor can restore backups. Core can make a backup but it’s really only to help people that want to migrate to an HAOS or Supervised install since core cannot restore them by itself.

It sounds like you already have a Supervised or HAOS setup, why are you changing it?

Currently I use a NUC under Proxmox (and Fail2ban) with:

  • 1 VM for PfSense
  • 1 VM for Home Assistant OS
  • 1 Debian VM for Docker

I wanted to put on Docker things like ESPHome, Graphana, Influx DB, Frigate, …
I thought the easiest way would be to put Home Assistant under Docker too, but I think the Supervised version does not exist under Docker.
Maybe I can keep my VM for Home Assistant OS and put on Docker ESPHome, Graphana, Influx DB, Frigate?

The main difference between supervised and core/container is that core does not include the addons.

However, most addons have a standalone docker equivalent. What addons are you using currently?

Backups also work different. You can backup home assistant container by just backing up the config folder. There’s a lot of ways to do that- you can use another backup program/container like duplicati.

Updates are different as well- you have to manage them yourself (pull new docker image, remove old container, rebuild with new one)

Since you seem comfortable using docker already, it might be worth it. On the other hand, the nuc should have enough processing power to be able to handle the 3 VMs if you just want to go that route.

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HA Supervised is a version of a HA installation that runs under Docker in the background. The typical user never even knows it’s the case. But every function of HA Supervised is running in its own Docker container.

If you install the Portainer add-on you can see all of them.

Add-ons are also all running in their own Docker containers. However in HA Supervised the Docker containers (add-ons) are controlled exclusively by the Supervisor (which is also running in it’s own container).

Not that I’m necessarily directing you to Supervised (I don’t use it myself) but I’m pretty sure all of those things can be installed by the Supervisor as add-ons.

If there are apps that aren’t supported by Add-ons then you could move to HA Container and manage everything on your own. It’s not that hard at all if you understand Docker already.

The only things that Supervised gets you are Add-ons - which you don’t need at all if you know Docker - and restorable backups - which again you don’t need since you can just backup your entire config directory and all of the HA configuration will be backed up with it.

You will need to back up your other Docker configs independently tho. Again not a big deal if you know Docker.

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