Supervisor November beta issue impacting users on Home Assistant beta/dev channels

A small number of users on the beta or development update channels running Home Assistant OS are impacted by a significant issue that prevents the Supervisor from working properly and from updating itself to a working version.

You are not impacted if you are using a stable release of Home Assistant or run Home Assistant Supervised, Home Assistant Container or Home Assistant Core installations.

To diagnose if you’re impacted, go to Settings → About. If you see a Supervisor version of Supervisor 2022.11.0 or Supervisor 2022.11.dev1401 then you are affected.

How to fix your installation if you are impacted

1. Factory reset/Reinstall and Restore a backup

This issue does not exist on the stable version of supervisor (2022.10.2 at time of writing). A freshly installed HAOS or Supervised system will be running the latest stable version of supervisor. At that point you can restore a backup on the now working supervisor and continue as normal.

To download a backup, go to Home Assistant settings → Backups and hit the download button.

Note that if you are currently stuck, you cannot make new backups. Existing backup are not corrupted and restoring one does not change the version of supervisor (so it won’t revert to the broken version).

Home Assistant Yellow

Instead of re-installing, Home Assistant Yellow users can factory reset using the blue and red buttons on the back of the device. See this guide for more information.. Make sure you download the backup before factory resetting!

2. Manual Update from CLI

If you cannot or do not want to reinstall then this can be fixed from a terminal with Docker access. Please follow the guide for your system below to reach this terminal.

To fix the system run the following command:

curl -o - | sh

It will download a script that restores your Supervisor to the latest working version. You might see a repair issue “Supervisor update failed” but it should resolve itself automatically (or use the Supervisor update entity).

If you get an error saying “command not found: docker”, you are not using a terminal with Docker access. Please check the guides below.

How to get access to the CLI

Home Assistant Operating System

The easiest way for most users to access the host shell is to connect a keyboard and monitor to your device, or through a terminal if you are running a virtual machine. Enter login at the prompt to login and then you can enter the commands below.

Alternatively you may follow this guide to set up host SSH access over port 22222. This is different from the SSH addon and the commands will work from here.

Home Assistant Yellow

If you are on Yellow, you can follow this guide if you have a linux/mac computer or this guide if you have a Windows computer. This will get you to the serial console where you can execute the commands below.

Alternatively you may follow this guide to set up host SSH access over port 22222. This is different from the SSH addon and the commands will work from here.

Community SSH Add-On

The community SSH add-on called SSH & Web Terminal (not to be confused with the official Terminal & SSH add-on) has the ability to access Docker on the host. This allows it to be used to recover your system.

This requires the add-on to be already installed. Installation of new add-ons is not working on a system in this stuck state.

To be able to use the add-on, disable protected mode and restart the add-on. Click on “Open web UI” to get to the terminal.


The bug has been fixed and testing increased accordingly. We’ll also be looking into more ways to improve testing in this area to avoid this from happening.

The biggest issue identified was the inability to update supervisor when supervisor isn’t working. Ideally we catch issues like this before beta but if one slips through we can’t have beta users getting stuck.


Thanks to @bdraco and @agners for the help with the restore script.


I am one of the impacted on HA OS. I was on Supervisor 2022.11.0 and Itried to update to supervisor 2022.11.02 the update was stuck for more than 10 hours so from terminal I rebooted and HA never back to life anymore. :frowning:

Yeah I think when you reboot in that state, Supervisor won’t (re)start the Core container. That said, a docker start homeassistant should get the frontend back. But in any case, the instructions above how-to recover Supervisor should help.

Thanks Angers, I am running HA on a Raspberry pi4 without keyboard and monitor, I guess I need to find a keyboard and monitor to fix the situation, correct?

or follow the instructions to setup SSH access on port 22222 - looks like a right faff to me.

I have the issue, thankfully I have it loaded in a vm and was able to access the console via the terminal. On the good side the fix worked.

I did, and its running fine now. But i did experience som strange behavior so I downgraded the core to 11.0 later, and now it works fine.

after the curl action its going to reboot.
but i have this after that.

Just be patient

The script downgrades to the latest stable version of Supervisor. So if you are on the beta channel, the update notification is expected. However, not sure what the update failed is about. Can you update to 2022.11.2? Maybe another reboot helps :cold_sweat:

I just waited a few minutes and sorted itself out, did it.

@balloob In the “How to get access to the CLI” section, my workflow was different, perhaps the post could be updated to reflect this:

My Homeassistant install on my Raspberry Pi 4 dropped me into the Home Assistant CLI, with a ha > prompt. Entering root per the given instructions provides an error

ha > root

Error: unknown command "root" for "ha"

Did you mean this?

Run 'ha --help' for usage.
FATA[0000] Error while executing rootCmd: unknown command "root" for "ha"

Did you mean this?

In order to get to the prompt in this situation the command login needed to be used, which dropped me to a root shell allowing me to run the piped curl command to fix my system.

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Thanks. Post updated!

got the machine running again… but my lovely energy dashboard are lost… any idea ?

Connecting a monitor and a BT keyboard and running the commands as per the Instructions fixed it! Thanks!!!
PS pleased to see that BT keyboard worked
PS 2 my energy dashboard is gone too

This took me a little while to find. Maybe issues like this can also be in the discord announcements?

I am running home assistant on a Raspberry Pi. I tried the Curl command and get the following message.

Please read the post.

Since it exclusively impacted users on beta it was announced in the beta channel of discord. The vast majority of users were not impacted as they aren’t on beta so a top level announcement seemed likely do more harm then good. Since many unaffected users would then worry.

Ideally there would be a way to release an HA alert to users of a specific version of supervisor or on a particular channel but that infrastructure doesn’t exist currently. Something to consider for later.

I did not look at beta channel as this channel has always been closed when the beta goes to released.

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Issues have been resolved. Thanks for everyones assistance.

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