[supervisor] option for disabling auto-updates

Hi! I’m creating this request based on the recent issues after supervisor updates. The concern is that if you’re relying on HomeAssistant for important tasks or alerts when you’re not at home you’ll potentially loose control without being able to act/fix it. For instance if you’re on vacation or just left for work when the update starts.

I suggest adding an option in the GUI for disabling automatic updates. That way you could safely update when you’re in a position to fix it if any problems arise.

Here’s some examples after the 207 update:

2nd this request. HA is my security system it needs to be stable!


Same here. Above mentioned issues happened just before I was about to go to sleep and this annoyed the hell out of me.

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Agreed. This shouldn’t auto-update. Reliability is key in home automation systems.

Agreed, maybe we should open a request on github?

It’s stated if you try to create a ticket that the community-forum should be used for feature-requests. That’s why I didn’t create a ticket for it.

For reference:

This is for bugs only. Feature and enhancement requests should go in our community forum: https://community.home-assistant.io/c/feature-requests

If you referred to creating a pull-request however, I don’t know what part of the code to change. I’m not a programmer (planning to learn Python when I’ve got time tough! :slight_smile:) .

already a feature request for this

Aha! I hope it’s possible to merge them into one so we don’t loose the vote-counter.

Closing as it is a duplicate of: Feature request: block supervisor auto-updates