Supervisor tab missing with HAOS

Dear all,
I’m quite new to the HomeAssistant community.
I just followed a tutorial to install HomeAssistant OS on Rapsberry PI 4.
I got the image file of the HAOS from the official site and notice that I don’t have the supervisor tab.
This is the image I installed:
The vesrion is Home Assistant 2021.12.0
But when I check in the system health, it says Core-2021.12.0

How come It seems to be the Core version? How can I install the full version?

Thank you very much for your help

Best regards

Try following the official instructions instead of a tutorial.

The info location lists the core version that is a part of all the different install methods. This is not an indication of your install type.

The Supervisor panel has been merged into the configuration panel. The separate menu item from the sidebar has been removed.


Yes you are right, I would prefer have an option to add it to the side bar :blush:

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ooh, I didn’t know about it, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I just updated home assistant, noticed the supervisor tab is gone and landed on this page. Dumb question, how do I shutdown my raspberry pi now? All I see is a “restart” button in the app?

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Supervisor after latest update is now under configuration menu, then you can shut down the host :blush:

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And where are the other supervisor panel features like the hardware detection?


I am searching exactly for this feature. It is really confusing, because all the tutorials say “use the supervisor” but now i have not idea where to find it.


Can SOMEONE give a complete answer without acting like a jerk? There are those of us that are new here and are searching for answers and all we get are snarky responses like “read the instructions.” I read the instructions and still can’t find a tab marked “supervisor.”


Logged in just to +1 this.

Interesting platform, lots of ins and outs, somewhat confusing terminology (especially regarding the different deployable platforms --which don’t share the same features), and noob-flaming all around, if you should ask a question. Do yourself a favor and avoid the discord at all costs…


Seems to be a sign of the times. I’m somewhat new to HA and first installed the docker version, but quickly realized that it didn’t have supervisor or add-on store. So went through the process of spinning up the HA os on a Raspberry Pi 4. And after all that, the HA web interface came up looking exactly like the docker version – no supervisor tab! After first searching for the answer, then posting a request for help, I did finally locate Supervisor buried in the Configuration. So now, I’m like, what did I do wrong? Why isn’t it in the menu like in every example I’ve ever Googled? Then I find this thread where someone eventually mentions that it’s been moved.

In case someone else needs to know, supervisor appears to be accessible here:

Configuration → Addons, backup and Supervisor

That’s super confusing if you are new and don’t know it, but super simple to write if you do.


When I started with hassio, I found it super confusing to have the Supervisor doing things one would normally expect under Configuration. The new version is much more straight forward.
O.K., lots of tutorials are based on the old version…

Arghhhhh. I’m also here banging my head looking for Supervisor.

“Configuration → Addons, backup and Supervisor” ???

I don’t have “Addons” under Configuration. WTAF. I must be taking crazy pills.

I just want to restore my backup zip.


OK here’s my issue. My old Pi had Container version. It has “Addons”, even when fully updated. I got a new Pi, clean install. I took a snapshot in Supervisor, like the documentation suggested, and downloaded the zip from the old Pi. Now I’m in a clean docker install, and I’m just learning that Supervisor is no longer in the docker version. No Supervisor Panel Included - #3 by macster2075

What’s the rationale? This is incredibly frustrating. I just want to use the Docker version, and migrate to my new Pi. I’m not a Linux guru, but I have built and configured enough Linux boxes for me to feel like this should be easier.

Before someone asks why not HASS OS… my Pi4 is also a Pihole and a media player. I want to keep it separate.

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I’m an Insteon orphan and am in process of moving to HA. It would appear that in the last 12 months the HA UI has radically changed and vast majority of the online videos are older. I’m running a full HASS OS (or whatever it called now) under a proxmox VM. And there appear to have been multiple levels of changes :frowning: Supervisor->Configuration->Setting-> ??). I’ve been looking for my “system devices”…about the only thing I have found that works is to use the “Terminal & SSH” add-on and poking around /dev and /proc…I don’t think that is the preferred method (and not for everyone)…but give me a better answer please.
Generally I am really excited about using HA, but getting stalled on these silly items is definitely a distraction/negative.


noob here, and I know y’all are tired of this … but … I’m lost in this mess now.

I’ve read the docs - they’re just wrong - period. I understand that the Supervisor functions have been moved to Configuration.

My problem is … where the heck is “Configuration → Addons, backup and Supervisor”?

I can find Addons and Backups under “Settings” … but that’s it.

All I’m trying to do is follow up on how to get SSH working.

If I’m being totally stoopid and it’s right under my nose - my apologies - somebody hit me on the nose and show me where it is, okay?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh - if it matters - HAOS on RPI 4b

That’s fine, but the CONFIGURATION panel has also been removed. Only Developer (useless) and Settings