Support for AngelEye/FireAngel smoke detectors and en CO-detector, all with a Zigbee module (P-line)

The AngelEye/FireAngel P-line Zigbee module does not seem to be supported. My request would be to add support, so the fire/smoke and CO Alarms can be used in home-assistant.

@MartLan, Do you own the device? Is it showing anything in ZHA/Zigbee2MQTT? I’m considering to buy the device because I can get it for a very good deal, but if it doesn’t show any entities it might not be worth it.

I own the devices - and and am not able to pair them / they not show up in home assistant. ConBee II - pairing did not find any device.

I just tried again after updating home assistant. (two devices showed a blinking led - the third did NOT go into pairing mode - no blinking led :frowning: )

I’m not sure what ZHA/Zigbee2MQTT is.

Same here. It is impossible to get the Fire Angel Zigbee connectors to connect with ZHA. I really would love that to be possible since I have the whole house fitted with those.

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Such a Shame. These are one of the few smoke detectors which work on 230v.

Guess I can remove them from my shortlist.

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there’s this route of a roll-your-own ‘connector’: Fireangel fire/CO/heat alarm network bridge integration - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (