Support for ChargeAmp's My Charge Space

I’ve built an initial custom component for ChargeAmp’s My Charge Space The cloud for monitoring you car charger.

Send me a message if you would like to test it.


I would be interested in testing it.

Me too!
Was kind of surprised noone had done it earlier.


I’m also interested. Would be really nice with connected to Home Assistant.

I’m also interested to try this out.

I am looking into buying a Charge Amps Aura with two outputs and are looking at accessing it remotely. How far are you?
Yes I would like to test.

I’m quite far, been using this since Feb.

And I’m creating these sensors and views (the light is used as current limiter):

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 11.21.07
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 11.16.59

I had switching on phases working but I think ChargeAmps closed that down. We should try to push them on doing manual loadbalancing and have option to run the units without their cloud.

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I have not decided, but I think I will buy it.
I have also installed Solarcells and will add a batterypack so I need to tell the charger when to charge and how much and what car to prioritise.

I assume you are loggin into the account and the send http commands?

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Sorry for not noticing earlier, but we’ve written a Charge Amps HA integration at Installable via HACS. Pull requests and comments appreciated!


Nice one!

I see that you are using the official API, did you consider using the webhooks for when charging is starting?

I used the web-site as that enabled me to change phase on my Halo 3.7kW but it seems like that option is removed. Which really is a shame as I’ve managed to burn a whole pack of fuses on my main as I can’t loadbalance. (I’m monitoring my phases with an iotawatt).

I’ll take a look at your code @jschlyter and perhaps we can make this integration official.

Yes, I have plans to use the webhooks (once I figure out how they work). I’m also waiting for the local API to get rid of cloud polling, according to the ChargeAmps CTO it should be available for Halo first and Aura later. If you feel like helping out with the webhooks, please get in touch.

I will have a look at that then…

So the idea is to connect directly without the Cloud? That would be awesome.

Any luck in convincing the CTO to reveal the local web API?


No, unfortunately not.

How to include ln Manage add-on repositories. Have tried without result they will not find the repository.
The other variant by copying custom_components / chargeamps into your Home Assistant configuration directory how to do.
// Christian

I’ll try to update the documentation and perhaps even adding it to hacs.

Hej Fredrik,
har du möjlighet och tid att fixa det, är nyfiken på hur det fungerar, har redan laddboxen inkopplad.

Hej Fredrik,
har du möjlighet och tid att fixa det, är nyfiken på hur det fungerar, har redan laddboxen inkopplad.

Det är ju redan dokumenterat på, kör du HACS?

Ja, men vid Installation via HACS by adding
jag får ,No results found in “Official add-ons.”
Och i Manage add-on repositories adding men det kommer inte upp i add on “hass-chargeamps”
hur installerar man den, eller hur ser det om chargeamps är installerad ?