Support for Daikin BRC1H519W BLE controller

It would be use to control the air conditioner with a esp32 and integrate in Home Assistant

When the the device is paired it’s recognized as UE878 RF MODULE. The app for mobile phone/tablets is called Madoka Assistant

I’m looking for the exact same thing.
If it’s any help, a guy on github did reverse engineer the communication to the controller.

I’m just not smart enough to put the pieces together :slight_smile:

Uff, very complicated for me too. I’ll be waiting for… Thanks a lot

Based on the revese enginnered protocol there is an OpenHAB implementation. Different language but probably is easier to understand than just going down to the raw data.

Edit: updated link to the main branch, not 2.5

Anyone ever get around to working on an HA integration?

I dont think so, i browse through the webs often for solutions :confused:

I hope someone will pick up and give it a shot :slight_smile:

I wrote a python library to control the thermostat based on the previous work done for openHAB. I will need some time now to integrate it into HomeAssistant though.

NICE! :slight_smile:
If you need me to test something, just let me know.

Thank you for trying to make this possible :slight_smile:

I think that Lafois was working on integrate it into an esp32

Great! You were faster than me. I was also working on this, based on a eq3bt python library, and had almost everything already sorted out, but never went into the actual implementation phase.

I don’t have any interest in writing a ‘competing’ library, as I don’t really have the time to even support one on my own. I will review your code and see if I can propose enhancements.

Many thanks for the effort.

Awesome, any help will be more than welcome. I have just focused on supporting the basics, as my HVAC doesn’t support many of the features the original APP can offer and, therefore, I can’t try to reverse engineer the messages required to control them.

From what I have seen, the screenshots of the app in the App Store offer a wide variety of features. In the future, I will try to emulate the thermostat and try to enable the app for different models. However, I don’t intend this to become a full controller, just to support what is needed to work with home automations.

In case you are interested, I will add some info to the README about the process in case your HVAC is more complex (bluetooth logs on android/macOS, btmon on Linux and so on) so anybody can contribute to the commands.

My plan was also to start with what was already decoded which is the basic functionality that most will use for home automation.
I have just taken a look at your code and has a somehow different approach as I was using bluepy and your are using bleak.

What I have seen is that you don’t need async. While blafois says that the protocol is async, he also states that no message is sent from the controller if not requested. So the actual protocol is working in a sync way.

There are other things that I see in the app that can make more sense to be used for offices, hotels, and commerce. I wasn’t planning on implementing these at least at the beginning.

It would make sense that any additional information that is discovered is sent back as a PR to blafois so there is one place with the decoded protocol.

I’m just happy you guys are giving it a try :slight_smile:

For me personally for HA integration i only need to set fan speed, temperature and cold/warm setting. I do not need all other stuff from app. With these settings i can automate my Daikin with my floor heating and stuff. :slight_smile:

I started coding with bluepy as the interface was more friendly but I didn’t feel comfortable having to relay on a process spawn whenever I wanted to interact with the adapter so I decided to switch.

Totally agree with the PR. First thing I did was to check on him if he was planning to release his code as a library but he wasn’t interested at the moment.

I have seen that the app and HA support different ventilation settings, I think that is the only basic left behind as I can’t test it.

I finished the Home Assistant integration, you can give it a try if you are interested. It has been an intensive work as I was quite new to many of the integrations details.

You can copy it to your custom_components folder. Make sure to follow all the steps detailed in the “requirements” section or it will not work. The most important part is related to the discovery and pairing.

The thermostat is a bit pesky about bad commands/connections and, although thoroughfuly tested, it might force you to disconnect the p1/p2 cables to reset it sometime.

I will try to elaborate a bit more on the Readme and will submit it as a PR.

I just realized that the integration will fail for HassOS. The tool used to check if the adapter is working is not installed there, I will replace it.

I will be able to install and test the integration all day tomorrow :slight_smile:
I am not using RasberryPi, i am using Intel NUC and proxmox.
I will install a dedicated BT adapter and passthrough to the VM with HA.

If you want me to test other scenarios, i have several Raspberry’s and other HW i can test with :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for doing this, i have been waiting a long time for this :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help on this, let me know if you get stuck at some point. Last night I tested with the docker and I had to update to latest HassOS version to make it work. It gave me a lot of bluetooth errors related to the DBUS.

However, it started working properly after the update although not as stable as in Linux in the NUC.

I will publish the details in the Share project forum so other people can know of it.

Great, i will try and install it now :slight_smile:
What version did you upgrade to HassOS?

I am running 5.10 and 2021.1.0 at the moment

I upgraded to that same version