Support for iBeacons and Eddystone beacons in Android companions app

Support for iBeacons and/or Eddystone beacons in the Android compansion app would be fantastic.

It could be used to detect when somebody is in a certain area/zone and base automations on that. Currently only iBeacons are supported, and only for zones (such as home, work, etc.) but I’ve raised a separate FR to ask for the option to add iBeacon and Eddystone beacon support for areas (such as bedorom, living room, kitchen, etc.)

iBeacons and Eddystone beacons are a great way to do short-range presence detection and are very easy to setup, whether you use an off-the-shelf solution or build your own with something such as ESPHome.

There’s fairly good support for iBeacons in the iOS compansion, however, the best I’ve been able to find for Android is Beacon MQTT, or a custom Tasker setup. While these solutions can work, they’re often flakey and can be far from ideal in some circumstances.

I understand that iBeacon support on Android isn’t great, but it would be really helpful to have this and/or Eddystone beacon support built into the Android companion. I’m sure many people would benefit from it and really appreciate it.

EDIT: Added support for Eddystone beacons to the request.

I totally agree. I live in a big resident building. so I can’t use my flat wifi to detect my presence accurately to open the main or the garage door without placing a beacon in my mailbox.

the official android app has a BLE transmitter feature maybe you can use that?

Any updates on this? I am investigating, but the old blog and/or forum posts are using owntracks. On the HA integration page it says that beacon support has been removes from Owntracks for the Android version??