Support for Imperihome (wall mounted & mobile devices interface)

I see some nice initiatives for making interfaces for (for instance) wall mounted devices. I personally have 5 of these in the house and next to that mainly use my mobile phone to check or change stuff in my house.

I have been using Imperihome ( which works really well (after testing all other apps out there incl bulding my own web based tablet interface). It supports multiple HA systems and for the ones not supported it has created an API; It also supports IOS and Android and is highly regarded.

For homeseer they also made the integration this way.

It’s probably less work to keep up the API then build a completly new interface from scratch.

Any thoughts?


It certainly looks pretty -

There is no technical reason it couldn’t be integrated with HA - the only issue is that it has it’s API and HA has a different one, leading to 2 choices:

  1. Add to HAs API so that it supports it
  2. Build a Daemon to do the translation

Option 2 would probably be easier in the short term.

However, one important thing that I don’t see is a way to push updates from HA to the dashboard - this means it presumably relies on polling which is a very clunky way of working, For my Dashboard I built an entire component to push changes in realtime as it makes a big difference to perceived responsiveness.

I used Imperihome with OpenHAB before I moved to Home Assistant and it did have an ability to push updates to Imperihome rather than only pull. However, I think this may only be available if you’re using the Pro version of the client and requires a slightly different implementation on the integration side (using their Control API instead of their Standard System API).

It really takes the UI to a whole new level with the customization options it provides.

I too have been using Imperihome Pro with Vera for several years and have a 5" Android phone near my front door that displays the garage door status and allows (my wife and child) to open the garage door and turn on the garden lights for 5 minutes when people leave. Now that I’m migrating to HA (slowly!), this interface will be sadly missed if I can’t figure something out before I go live. Fortunately, that’s a few months away. :cry:

Any chance of looking at the OpenHAB code? Is that any help?

I played around with the API this evening and have been sending requests using Postman on Chrome. Looks promising.

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Id love to see Imperihome added to HA support.

I’ve found an interim solution and while in its infancy, looks very promising. In a matter of minutes, I was able to create the dashboard below replacing my Imperihome one.

Unlike Imperihome, MQTT Dash can have an interactive icon so my garage door lock showing the sensor state can also publish MQTT topics when pushed. At the moment though, the icon is responding to publish commands and I’ve emailed the developer and asked for an option to disable this as I only want the icon to respond to subscribed topics. He responded very quickly and advised he’d add that in so always a good sign!

Hey, and did I mention it’s FREE! :slight_smile:

Nice! I’m not using MQTT (beside owntracks which I just copy-pasted from somewhere else). Could you explain in a bit more detail what is needed on the HASS side of things?

P.s. there was also a note on another Adroid app possibly coming to HASS:

You need to be publishing topics to a MQTT broker to allow MQTT Dash to subscribe to them. I’ve got a few devices that are controlled with MQTT but a lot that aren’t so I’m looking to create a simple script/auto to publish a topic when a non-MQTT device changes state to get that info onto the GUI. The reverse should also be possible with relative ease.


can i ask how you’re generating the images/icons? are you publishing them by mqtt on the hass side? if so, how do you publish images? i only know how to publish states/values (strings). or do you generate them some other way?

thanks much!

They are baked into the MQTT Dash app.

ah cool. i’ll take a look. thanks

Hello, any news on the integration with imperihome?
That is basically the only thing keeping me from switching to home-assistant from domoticz.
On the domoticz it is solved via option 2 (deamon) called MyDomoAtHome
I see that home assistant has a way better frontend, but having a native app on the tablet and phones has its advantages (responsiveness, common interface, also integration with other systems and apps/tasker directly from imperihome etc).


Im in the same boat - id like to move to HA, but all my wall tablets are driven with Imperihome.
Id love to see Imperihome supported soon.

I also really would like to see Imperihome support. As said before they have really good support for wall mounted tablets with easy configuration

Another vote for integrating Imperihome with HA

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+1 for imperihome with HA

Mar 7, 09:27 CET

Dear ImperiHome,

I would like to request integration support for Home Assistant ( software services.

Many thanks,


Mar 7, 13:04 CET

Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward it to our Development team whom will take it into consideration

The ImperiHome team
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If Home Assistant could present all its devices over a REST API conforming to the ISS (ImperiHome Standard System) specification, then ImperiHome could work with this out-of-the-box. It is a JSON based web API, which I have some experience with, but only from the client side and only in C# (no python afficionado here).

There are some implementations in Node-Red for the server side of the ISS API ( for example) which could serve as a model perhaps?
(and of course the API reference itself:

best regards (and +1 for ImperiHome support)


Any news on this?
I’m also thinking of switching from Domoticz to HA. But it would be really sad to leave Imperihome since I’ve used it from the start of my home automation journey.

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I got imperihome set up with the link provided by @DennisSc. So i have it working with Nodered… Is a little work and some workarounds are necessery but mine is working.
I have setup for Door, sensors, lights, and device trackers