Support for Switchbot K10+ Vacuum over Wifi

Support for Switchbot K10+ Vacuum over Bluetooth

You should vote for your own Feature Request.

Thanks. I’ve done that.

I should also add that WiFi would be fine too. The aim is to do it without the Switchbot hub.

Is it actiually possible to control it in HASS with the Switchbot hub?

No, it’s not, because the K10+ connects directly to WiFi and doesn’t need/use the hub.
I have a switchbot hub and a hub2, none of them cares about my new K10+.
The K10+ doesn’t show up in the hub2 matter settings either.

I’d prefer control via WiFi, but Bluetooth would be fine too.

(And yes, of course I clicked the vote-button. :innocent:)

Was looking at buying this robot vacuum due to it’s small size (can get between the legs of my stools!)
Not having HA support is stopping me right now

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I still love my small K10+. Since you can easily set up automations and cleaning shedules with the switchbot app, I do not really need the HA support. I would not even know, what to set up additionally. :sweat_smile:
I definitively recommend the K10+. The tiny bot is extremely agile, it reaches every corner and cleans very thorough. I had a Tesvor M1 before (died because of broken accu and is way too less intelligent for my nowaday needs anyway) and I use a Dreame Bot L10 Ultra on the ground floor, but I’m absolutely happy with my small “Sweepy” for the second floor. :smiling_face:

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Can I ask a dumb question - can you ask Alexa to clean a specific area set in the app? Looking at the documentation it seems not, but I might be missing something

I was thinking a dreame d10 (or roborock) so would be interested in your comparison!

Can you change the title to make this clear - because I think it’s more likely to be cloud wifi controlled than bluetooth…

I found the following GitHub repository, which is from SwitchBot themself: Switchbot Homebridge Repo

In the read-me they mentioned the K10+ vacuum bot :grinning: … but I can’t say for sure what’s possible … :thinking:

+1 To this likely being a wifi device. I was doing some testing since I recently learned that the switchbot PTZ camera works with the Tuya smart life app.

When I reset my K10+ network settings so it flash quickly, it launches a wifi connect that the Tuya smart life app recognizes when attempting to add a “Robot Vacum (wifi)” device. Unfortunately the smart life app fails to pair up after acting like it’s about to.

Don’t have time to investigate further but it seems like it might be possible through Tuya at somepoint or another Repo.

In the meantime it’s my first 48hrs with it and it’s pretty awesome. The more I use it the more automations I think of being able to use, so hopefully we’ve got a solution sometime soon!

This would be great.

Meanwhile, does anybody know how to use Switchbot Homebridge (that should work via Homekit)?

Short update for those who are still interested:
With the latest update for my Switchbot Hub 2 (V2.0-1.2) it is possible to add the K10+ as matter device using the hub 2. For now, homeassistant can only toggle that device on or off, but I’m sure, Switchbot will add more features soon.
Besides my Switchbot sensors can now be added to homeassistant using hub2 and matter, solving my issue that the upstairs sensor frequently lost bluetooth connection (got two switchbot hub 2 controlling my curtains).
Since i need the hubs anyways, I’m fine with controlling the K10+ with matter, looking forward to more features. But a integration for the K10+ without the hub via wifi would still be nice, since the matter connection between switchbot and homeassistant is not very reliable and only supporting on/off for now.

Sorry @vaderag for my late answer, sent you a PM :wink:

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Thanks for your response!

In order to help others, I actually now have the SwitchBot K10+ and I have honestly found many of the reviews out there to be overrated.

The small form factor was what sold me - it allows it to get into a few areas that it couldn’t otherwise. It does a very good job of cleaning, but overall it isn’t significantly better than my old Eufy (which had no lidar)

Object detection is atrocious - it does a good scan and will avoid permanent structures, but during use it avoids nothing, will regularly mount shoes if they’re not put away for example, even large cushions left on the floor. We have a large bifold door and it scanned the outside area - I’ve marked that as no go, but it took me a few attempts to find the right spot to stop it stupidly whacking into the bottom bar (which is 2.5inches high, so should not be invisible)

Overall, I’m not sure what the lidar is actually doing but it definitely isn’t detecting obstacles (there are a couple of different modes to toggle and neither makes a difference)…

Similarly frustrating, despite some reviews saying otherwise, there is no way to have it clean a specific area using Alexa. The only way to do this is by using the app, which honestly is really clunky… Notifications don’t take you to the place where you can take the action

This is one of the main reasons I would like Home Assistant support!

I’m keeping the machine because I sold my Eufy and it’s fine, but I think that’s all it is… fine.

Oh and if anyone can tell me how the hell to get this thing to work with Alexa then I will be very appreciative
Voice Commands to Control SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ (Amazon Alexa) – SwitchBot Help Center (

None of this seems to work at all. Activate Switchbot does, but then it wont take any commands

I have the Switcbot S10 and I am seriously regretting getting it because I see no way of integrating it into Home Assistant. Honestly, the new RoboRock S8 MaxV Ultra looks like the ultimate vacuum cleaner, and pretty sure HA has amazing integration with the brand. Also have the Hub2 but I don’t see it showing up in there.

I have the S10 and the K10, and you’re quite right that the K10 is surprisingly lacking in obstacle avoidance. The S10 is much better, and in fact sometimes too good. If you have a bit too much of a “pile” of food to vacuum up (thanks kids!) then it will see it as an obstacle and vacuum around it (at least in the current software).

I’m really glad that they’ve picked up Matter support recently, as that’s made them much more useful, as I automated the S10 to clean downstairs when anyone leaves and there’s no one downstairs, and the K10 in our tiny upstairs to run if all 3 doors are open for more than 1 minute and this setup works great.

The final missing piece is per room cleaning via automation, because I still have to pull my phone out to initiate the majority of cleans because I usually just want to clean the floor where the kids have been eating after each meal. I’m really hoping proper Matter support for vacuums comes and opens up this world of possibilities this year!

if the switchbot works via Matter already, like you said, i guess the Feature Request should be to implement Matter Vacuum Support with HomeAssistant in general and use that for the SwitchBot as well as every other brand in the future?

Hi, new here, I was looking for a way to integrate S10 vacuum in HA.
For now, I have found a temporary solution, while waiting for a more official way, that can’t be used to target a room but that can execute some basic tasks.
I have linked SwitchBot to Google Assistant and created some scenes in the SwitchBot app (example “start cleaning”). Those scenes does not appear as devices in Google Home, but as “Scenes” (only visible when you create an automation and look for a smart device to trigger). They can be triggered by automations in Google Home, but also by sending a text command with Google Assistant SDK services in HA.