Sureflap Connect - Pet Door

Wait, what is the difference between that integration and this one?

Local access would be awesome. I will take a look :ok_hand:

I have made an alternative cloud integration for HA:

Still work in progress.
Compatible with HACS.
No I/O inside the event loop.
Can be configurated from UI.
In addition to the sensors, you get locks for lock/unlocking the flap from the UI
I try to limit the number of requests to the sureflap server, and make sure do not to do any in parallel.


Any chance this includes the ability to set the pet home or away?

How quickly will the status of the pet update in Home Assistant after it comes through the flap with your integration? The sure per are app on my phone is immediate but when I use the official integration with a lower scan_interval I have FREQUENT disconnects in the hub and the ears are red quite a bit.

I see the messages almost instantly depending on the message types.
If you have a CC2531 you can sniff the traffic yourself using zigsniff. I have the dexoring code and dumping the message to console there. Also the advantage there is it creates a wireshark pcap so you can analyse offline in the future once you make changes to the python.
My main stumbling block now is how the CRC byte is calculated as that will need to be correct for the devices to accept any messages we try and send to it.

Made a breakthrough last night where I have figured out how to send a frame to the feeder / pet door using the surepet hub… So running a fully local solution will be 100% possible once the code is written, posted an update in my development thread:


This doesn’t show up in HACS for me.

Taking shape and almost there for the local instance. Would be interested in feed back from deploying the docker compose setup.

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I found this Forum and I wanted to know if it would be possible to set up different lock times for different cats?


Does anyone have any solutions to stop Thier cats bringing in mice?

Starting to become quite an issue for us

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There have been a whole host of awesome DIY projects going back decades (literally, and I read somewhere that someone’s kickstarting an off-the-peg solution. I think it’s this dude: I’ve not seen anyone brew one up in the HA community yet tho

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Finally added support for locking and unlocking pet doors. Planning to add support for cat flaps tonight if time permits using the trace I have been emailed. But the pet hub local is finally taking shape.

Sorry for the Stupid Question, maybe I’m just blind. I Want to add theIntegration but it isn’t listed in my Webgui. Do I have to install it manualy? If Yes is there an Insttruction?

Heads up - unfortunately the component doesn’t load in 2021.4.0.

I’ve raised the error as issue 48794

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[quote="TazUk, post:414, topic:41488, full:true"]
Heads up - unfortunately the component doesn't load in 2021.4.0.

I've raised the error as [issue 48794](

same here after upgrading this morning: 
RuntimeError: I/O must be done in the executor; Use `await hass.async_add_executor_job()` at homeassistant/components/surepetcare/, line 116: device_data = await surepy.device(device[CONF_ID])

I have made an alternative cloud integration for HA:

Does your integration work for feeders or just flaps ?

Just flaps.
I do not have any feeders

Whereas my local integration is in the process of supporting all three. I have a feeder and pet door which is for the most part supported, and others have given me traces to support the cat flap.

Same issue here, I hope it is getting fixed soon.

@benleb you already fix this right? It only needs to be inplantend in this integration?

@peterl I checked your integration but it is hard to understand how to install in HA, besides I made my own counters for this current integration, I am not sure if everything works with your integration, I want to try your version but it needs a installation documentation for n00bs like me.

You mean:


I know altering your internal DNS and spinning up docker containers isn’t for everyone but there is a bit of documentation to follow.
The main point is there isn’t anything in HA you need to configure as it uses HA MQTT discovery to create the entities in HA so there isn’t anything you actually need to change in HA to get it working.