Surepet hub local for pet/cat door and feeder

I’m looking to reverse engineer the sureflap cloud backend.
So far I have built a docker compose that spins up a web server to simulate the hub api calls and a mqtt server backend to simulate the aws iot endpoint.
I’ve decoded them majority of messages and writing code to push to home assistant as sensors.
Currently the repo is private but plan to release it public once the code is in a better state.
Anyone else interested in helping with building the component which I suggest we call “surepetlocal” or something similar.


Great idea!

I don’t have many skills in this area but will help out with testing and data.

I have 3 flaps, 2 feeders and three hubs.

100% love this idea
I have 1 catflap and 3 feeders, let me know if anything i can do to help at all

Seems like a great idea!

I have 1 cat flap, and 4 feeders, and would be happy to test / help in anyway I can!

Me to i have 1hub and 1 feeder tks for the idea
Please hurry

Happy to help with testing.
Hub + 2 feeders and 2 cats here !

Does anyone have a H004 serial number hub? There seem to be 10 revisions from H001 to H010. If so I wouldn’t mind if you could PM me your serial number and the mac address of the hub.

Nope, sorry … mine is H008!

So it appears it might be easier to reverse the air protocol and build a custom gateway. Anyone else with a CC2531 that ideally has the external antenna as then you should be able to pick up the Miwi traffic from the hub and the door / feeder and interested in running a docker image to sniff traffic.


I have a working system that runs on a Pi and communicates with my SurePet Feeder. It publishes the readings to MQTT.

The Repo is:


@peterl Happy to help testing. I have a H009 Hub