Sureflap Connect - Pet Door

Yeah, that’s what I do. Use the service and tie it long-press.

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hi, do you have more info on this one? i just cant get it to work.

Are you using the core HA integration or the sureha custom install? When I tested the native integration 10 days ago, the door sensor was not working although yesterday a lot of the working stuff in the sureha integration is starting to make its way over probably for the next HA release? It you’re using sureha, share your code.

There is no door sensor in the native integration (and it will not be in 2021.10)
It has locks where you see the state and control the flaps.

The Cat Flap is also different from the Pet Door around what it reports. Both only report back after the fact but do report looking in vs coming through. Also the cat flap reports when curfew mode is enabled and switches on and off whereas the pet door doesn’t. It just locks but doesn’t send anything back to the hub.

I’m also putting the final fixes to a major rewrite of my direct pethublocal integration. Have rewritten most of it and changed how everything works so it should be easier to maintain and upgrade.
But I will post in Local cloud service for sureflap connect pet/cat door and feeder
As always it uses MQTT Discovery to hook into home assistant. But the modular way the code has been written means that writing a direct component should be fairly straightforward.

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FYI, my Pet Door reports curfew mode with sureha.

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Should I be using the sureha custom component now, or the version shipped with 2021.10?


Did you found out which version is working best?


Quick question. I know have two flaps. Is there a way to see which one is used by the cat last?
To determine where they are in the house?

@benleb It seems that mine stopped reporting about 5 days ago. I’m using the HACS version. Is that the correct one to use?

edit: To answer my own question, I removed the HACS version and installed the native integration. It named some of the sensors differently, but everything works now.

Hi all.

Started with HA a few weeks ago, and had no issues so far, and everything in the sureflap integration works for me. So great work on this! :smile:

What I’m wondering about (I’ve read down to post 200ish looking for what I’m looking for, and gave up, so asking instead), the two ears on the hub, is it possible to “hack” into the leds?

I’m working on a flow in Node-Red to warn me if my garage-gate have been open for more than x time, and suddenly figured I would see if it was possible to get the ears on the hub to turn/flash red if so. :smiley:

If possible, I might use those led’s for more like a status of my home later on (if I have to check HA if something would be wrong and so on).

I found this in HA, binary_sensor.flaphub;

State attributes (YAML, optional)

led_mode: 4
pairing_mode: false
friendly_name: Flaphub
device_class: connectivity

So it is the “led_mode: 4”, that get me to believe this might be possible.

I have done no yaml configuration so far, 99% gui setting it all up, so I’m hoping someone already have a similarly setup, and can post it here, or explain it thoroughly here. :smiley:



Hi Sven,

you can set the brightness off your hub, which is transmitted in this sensor.
the Value 0 is off and 1 is on, 4 is dim.
Here you can see how to set it with a put request.

I did use the sureflapbeta for several months via HACS. I look to me that this integration has far more features (ex amounts of food left in the feeder).
Will this become available in the official app?

Danielhiversen advised the feeder information was to be included with the following pull request Add Sure Petcare Felaqua device by benleb · Pull Request #56823 · home-assistant/core · GitHub. This is showing as merged, and the update information for 2021.11 shows this was included, but I do not see the feeder information (I just have battery and connectivity, as before). Am I missing something?

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Any errors in the log?
Can you open an issue here? Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Couldn’t see anything in the logs - seems to have loaded without issue. I just have the following entities listed for the feeders (same as before):

Should I be seeing the feeder information as is in the SureHA HACS addon, or not?

If you think it should be there, then I’ll raise a new issue … if not, then I’ll wait for a later release! I’m just a bit confused, as your comment to my previous raised issues suggested it should be available now.

Yes, I see the same thing, not other feeder sensors.

I’ve not had the HACS version installed, just the current integration.

Feel like I’m missing something here. I’ve removed the HACS version and installed the HA one. All fine there. But how can I change the status of Home/Not_home to display Inside/Outside for the sensor or the device tracker?

Looks like the issue was closed as it was taken to be a feature request.
I’m not sure what the best path is to get the missing feeder info into the official integration - I’m currently staying put with the HACs version pending resolution of this.