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You need to increase the version number to force the browser to break the cache and load the new card. If you use HACS, it doesn’t cache so you don’t need to do that.

You do not need to add any config to enable this, you just need to add it’s resource. And as david mentions, if you use HACS you do not need to add a version number to the resource. That is only for manual installation.

If you use YAML mode, resources are added to your configuration.yaml file: see the example here.

Got it working , thx !

Thanks for this! Works great!

Would it be possible to add a vertical swipe and animation? My views are selectable from a vertical menu on the left of the display, so this would be more intuitive for the user.

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Hello, the swipe recently stopped working, and there is an error in the homeassistant.log that references this JavaScript file.

/hacsfiles/lovelace-swipe-navigation/swipe-navigation.js:1:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier 'n' has already been declared

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I am using HACS and installed it, and i don’t see it anywhere or how to use it or anything inside of HA. I see the files in www/community/lovelace… but that is it, no other reference to it anywhere. How is this supposed to work?

I’d like to see this feature too, i’ve moved to using the custom sidebar card for navigation so my views are shown in a vertical orientation, and as such having to swipe left or right to change viewsdoesn’t properly correspond to how they’re presented and feels unintuitive. I’m not sure how easy this would be but i’d love to see it happen if possible.

I just installed this through HACS, I have not doing anything else after installation. But it dont works? Im using HA version 2021.12.7

Any idea? No configuration needed or activation?

Apparently I needed to restart Home Assistant application on my phone for the changes to take effect. Only update the page didn’t work.

Another question though, is it possible to use swipe to the right to get “always return to home screen” instead of swiping through all my tabs when I want to get home again?

Woaw, just stumbled on this and together with kiosk mode, it’s really ideal for a touch screen!
Thank you. :star_struck:

thanks this is great! it does conflict a bit with the custom:plotly-graph card, where swiping is used to scroll left and right on the graph. Is there any way around that?

@mayker So, I see this repo is archived. Does that mean it’s been integrated into HA core or was shut down for some reason and will no longer be maintained?


Means maykar has lost interest in it

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Quite the opposite actually, there is nothing I enjoy more than making and improving these projects. But I am currently unable to devote the time and attention needed to keep them going on my own. I haven’t updated any of my projects in about a year and I’d rather it be apparent that they aren’t being worked on so that other’s may fork, improve, fix, etc. I didn’t want them to just fill up with issues and pull requests that I am not currently able to attend to.


So, do I need to just remove this from my HA until someone else picks it up or just keep using it (as long as it works for me) and just live with these notices in HACS?

If you have your own GitHub(or make one), fork this repo, add your fork to HACS as custom repository, delete the previous one, install the one from your fork. Did this last night to just get rid of the notification and it worked perfectly.


Thanks! Worked like a champ!

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Or just click on show then ignore

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just remove from HACS and install manually.