Switch from DuckDNS to Nabu Casa

This assumes no reverse proxy is being used:

  • Stop and then delete the DuckDNS addon.
  • Remove your port forwarding rules from your router Then check that they are really gone. I can not stress this enough.
  • Remove the two ssl lines from under http: in configuration.yaml
  ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem # remove this
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem # and this
  • Also delete any manual integration configuration if you used it (see Duck DNS - Home Assistant )
  • Restart home assistant.
  • To access Home Assistant locally, navigate to http NOT https from now on. Update your bookmarks and apps.
  • Set up Nabu Casa if you have not already done so.
  • Replace any DuckDNS URLs in your config (hopefully in secrets.yaml) with the Nabu Casa remote URL.
  • Update your mobile apps to use the Nabu Casa URL.
  • If after a while you decide to stick with Nabu Casa go to http://www.duckdns.org/ , sign in and delete your domain.

Just some questions:

  1. What to put in external and internal URL in configuration.yaml under homeassistant: section ?
  2. What inside the same options in HA android companion app?
  3. How to config tts with google cast as i read it needs base_url when not using duckdns?

Internal: http://<ip_address>:8123
External: Nabu Casa remote URL

Set the tts base URL to your Nabu Casa remote URL

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After a long time I finally subscribed to Nabu Casa but that’s besides the point. Is there any benefit to switch from ddns to nc?

It is a lot easier to set up.
It is more secure than opening ports in your router.
It helps with configuring voice assistants.
It comes with a nice tts.cloud_say service.
The profits go to help supporting Home Assistant development.

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I use quite a bit of TTS in my home automation. The Nabu Casa TTS service now rivals Google Cloud in terms of quality and reliability. The intuitive articulation is almost creepy at this point. A great feature is the ability to change voices (and gender!) on the fly meaning you can assign different voices to different tts messages. I’ve also set it up so we can switch them in the UI so if we get bored or annoyed with one voice we can switch it up for a bit easily. This feature alone is worth the monthly fee.

Also +1 for ease of voice assistant integration. I wish I could have all of the hours of my life I spent getting Google Assistant working reliably before Nabu Casa was a thing back.

The rest of it is just gravy! :slight_smile: