Switch states

I have the HA installed since two weeks. I also manage to connect my Telldus Tellstick Net V1 via Telldus Live. It works, BUT, there is always a but, isn’t it?

#1 Going via Telldus Live has delays, from half a second up to half a minute.
#2 The states of a wall transmitter only has two states either ON or OFF. actually it has three, sending ON or OFF and not sending.

Issue #1 is solved by Molobrakos tellsticknet, this connects via mqtt and seems to work like a charm.

BUT issue #2 how can I solve that? An example what I try to achive:
If I push ON on a wall transmitter I want the window lights in the livingroom to turn on if they are off, if they are on I want the ceiling light to turn on.
I just want the ON and OFF signals to produce events.
Maybe this is an issue for the mqtt client, I am to new for this, python, mqtt, HA.

Any ideas any one?


It shuld work like a momentary push button.

Nobody knows?

Is this impossible to accomplish in HA?
If so, then it is useless!

Sounds like you are talking about automations. Look it up in the docs

For sure it is automation.
And I have been reading the documentation, and searching the net, but no.

The only thing near is this:

id: Room_automation_1
alias: Room_automation_1
platform: event
event_type: click
entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_158xxxxxxxxxxx
action_type: single
service: switch.turn_on
entity_id: switch.room_light1

But it does not work!
It looks like the documentation lacks some basic information and then it becomes quite messy!

I dont use Telldus so am not sure exactly how it integrates. I use Rfxtrx to listen to my doorbell. Look at this link for something else to try

Thank you!
I will take a look at this.
I think I have fix this from MQTT events, but I am not sure…
The tellsticknet client used is by no means complete, so I really don’t know where to look…
Get some logs out of the mqtt broker will be a start…

Looking again it looks like you have the switch integrated as a binary sensor. You already say it only reports states on and off.

So probably trigger should be more like:

  - platform: state
    to: 'ON'
    entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_158xxxxxxxxxxx

Maybe, but it depends how the binary sensor works, if it “gets” on when on, will this fire.

Managed to log mqtt :slight_smile:
Gives this:

2019-01-18 12:54:13 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt] Received message on tellsticknet//command/switch/kitchen/state: b’turnoff’

So, the events here may be turnon/turnoff.
I am not at home now, so I can’t test it with a remote control.

It looks like there is an earlier format of an automation, which confuses.
The mapping between the UI editing and direct configfile editing is somewhat missing.

And thank you for spending your time on this!

This may be on hold for a while, tellstick client seems to not support codeswitch…:cry:
I have som recievers that are codeswitch. But it looks like it can receive…