Switchbot Remote (the buttons that control the curtains)

Pretty new to all of this and I may have done a BIG silly.

I bought 6 switchbot remotes (I have curtains, 2 bots, motion sensors and door sensors also). My intention was to use them to control my lights through home assistant. I’m learning that this is not simple, and buying a different smart button would’ve been a much better choice.

Question is, is it possible AT ALL to use these switchbot remote, ‘smart buttons’, in home assistant? Even if I could connect them to home assistant, switchbot API only allows for 1000 requests per day, so I’d have to scan extremely infrequently.

Can I flash something on them? Or connect them to a different hub? Can I do ANYTHING, or am I defeated? I bought them second hand so no returns, eeeeeeeeek.

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There is a core integration for switchbot:

Thanks, can’t get the hub or the remotes/buttons on the integration.

Looks like there are issues with this integration at the moment:

I’ve got it installed, I’ve done a lot of research and I’m almost certain it doesnt include the remotes. I’m talking about the 2 button remotes that are bluetooth only and work with the hub to control curtains or bots etc.

I don’t use the integration I just read in the documentation that it supports “Switchbot devices” it does not specify which ones.

Did you get anywhere with this?
I’ve just bought two of them, hoping someone has found a way to make them work now?


As of end of December 2022, Switchbot remotes are not supported with the Switchbot integration.
It doesn’t support the Blind Tilt motor yet either, but that is a fairly new product.

There is a list of currently supported devices:

  • Color Bulb (WoBulb)
  • Bot (WoHand)
  • Contact Sensor (WoContact)
  • Curtain (WoCurtain)
  • Light Strip (WoStrip)
  • Meter/Meter Plus 70BB (WoSensorTH)
  • Motion Sensor (WoPresence)
  • Plug Mini (WoPlug), both the original (model W1901400) and HomeKit-enabled (model W1901401)

SwitchBot - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

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I think best way to progress would be to make switchbot publish how to work with it here GitHub - OpenWonderLabs/SwitchBotAPI-BLE: SwitchBot BLE open API

But i’m afraid they would need to make new mode for the device so that it does not pair, but advertise, but works like ie. bthome, although I do not understand ble at all, so maybe I’m wrong.

Also contact gets no button press notification …

Altrough it seems button presses are being sent

and only missing from intergration