Sylvania/Osram four button switch issues

I have several Sylvania/Osram four button switches configured in my Home Assistant setup. I use Node Red to decode the events and perform 8 actions based on the switch pressed and how long it is held. This works very well at first but over the course of a few days the switches become less and less responsive. Sometimes I find that I have to press a switch a couple of times before it triggers the flow and other times I press a switch once and my flow sees two or three identical events resulting in lights flashing on then off again immediately. If I remove the battery from the switch or restart Home Assistant is seems to go back to working for a while. I wonder if anyone else has seen similar behaviour and has any idea what I might be able to do to fix it.

I am using the Nortek hub controller and the switches are Zigbee devices. When the system is acting up it seems to be fine when controlling the lights from the WEB interface and other devices seem to work without issue, it seems that just the Sylvania switches are misbehaving.