Synchronize Ring Alarm Keypad v2 with Alarmo

You’re not alone - there’s a long thread on the ZWaveJS github page. The issue seems to have gotten better with newer ZWaveJS versions, and generally seems to get better if you disable the motion sensor (by setting config parameter 15 to 0).

Unfortunately, the keypad doesn’t report what state it’s in, so there’s no easy way to way to manually re-synchronize the state if a transition is missed. The only thing I can think to do is try to monitor the ZWaveJS successful / unsuccessful commands counters for the device, which might work. I’ll play with it when I get some time, and see if I can make that work.


I’ve created a new thread here, if you have any idea on how to get the away status and alarm count down to work.

This. Disabling the motion sensor helps a lot.

I too have this issue. 2x v2 keypads with motion disabled but very unpredictable whether you can use the keypad to disarm. Would really welcome a fix.

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For me, disabling motion sensor fixed the issue, though I miss being able to see the alarm state by walking by the control panel. Wish that wasn’t required.

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This looks like exactly what I need. Just a quick question for everyone:

The three buttons on the side… Are you able to utilize them to trigger actions? Ideally I’d like them to be “all lights on” “all lights off”… Maybe throw a sticker on top or something.

Thanks in advanced

Regarding the connect/disconnect issues, my Z-Wave stick was surrounded by my Hue-bridge, RFXCom and the Zigbee stick, I moved the Z-wave stick to the other side of the concrete wall and this helped a lot, occasualy the keypad does disconnect but like once a week or so for 2 minutes, I can live with that.

@supovitz I tried that a while ago but found it inpractical as you need to hold those buttons for 3 or 5 seconds or so, I programmed the 2 left buttons of the 3 on top to open the front gate and turn on the lights.

Hey there,

Very good thread and blueprint as I am thinking of using Alarmo and a physical keypad; Ring Keypad v2 looks really good.

The synchronizations are both directions, right?
So if arming/disarming in Alarmo or in HA companion app the Ring keypad will detect that and change status and the opposite?

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Correct. The blueprint watches for changes to Alarmo’s state, and updates the keypad as appropriate.