TADO: Make the tado server polling interval flexible instead of fixed 5 minutes

Since release 2021.3 the polling interval is fixed set on 5 minutes, before it was 15 seconds.

I use the interface to my 10 tado’s, a home to control the central viessmann thermostat in the kitchen via the ha-viessmann integration.

So in the current state, when asking for heat, a waiting period could be up to 5 minutes.


Put the polling interval in the configuration file.
Ideally - give the possibility of an hour interval


08h00 - 16h00 : 2m
16h00 - 08h00: 15m

Unfortunately i dont think that i possible.

Is it possible just to have the setting in the configuration file ?

It is the case for the viessmann integration for the moment

Many thx

I know that this is an old topic but I just stumbled upon it and was a bit sad that it doesnt work. However I noticed that clicking “reload integration” in the integration screen forces a poll of the tado servers.

So I used this to check how to automatically reload an integration. I found this forum post which actually helped me out a lot. I created the rest_command and used the tado automation, works like a charm.

I now trigger this rest_command whenever I finish a Tado automation so that the new tado state is always reflected in home assistant after an automation reload. For your use-case of more updates you could use a time_pattern with minutes: /2 as trigger and poll with this every 2 minutes


Hi. Thx4hint. I implemented the repeat every 2m when my heating is not on and between daytime hours. Otherwise I rely on the default 5m. Kr.

Please don’t poll faster than the default, the guys at Tado have asked to have the 5min interval the norm so their server do not get hammered. If people start polling faster by changing things, they have all the reasons to just close off their API and we’re left with no Tado integration at all.

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Why not use local control ? (Homekit integration)


Just for your info, my calcs before the limited change.

At the start of Todo we were at 120x24 = 2880 contacts.

Now we are at 12x24 = 288 at request of Todo.

Between 8 am and 6 pm, and when heating is not on ( 20% of the period ) the increase leads to 36 additional calls compared to the normal interval.

If possible, I am happy to pause the integration during night time and skip about 144 calls.

The integration helps my sick wife to adjust our heating via voice control.


Tado should instead provide a proper solution and accept that their small contribution to home automation is not the center of the universe.

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I’d love this, but I am an Android user, not Apple in the house. Can I still use the Home-Kit and Home-Kit Controller integration to get local polling of the Tado?

Just use the HomeKit integration in Home Assistant. (Can be used parallel with tado° integration.)