Tado stop working with 0.89.2



the Tado Platform stop working at 0.89.2.

Have any one a solution ?


Hi, it seems to be more general, after reboot also in my 0.87 tado is no longer available.

In my 0.89.2 instance I get the Error message

Log Details (ERROR)
Thu Mar 14 2019 20:16:13 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Normalzeit)
Setup failed for tado: Component failed to initialize.


I guess it is version independent. It stopped working some hours ago, and I’m running v0.81.6
Maybe tado has changed something in their unofficial api?


Hi all

Same here with 0.89. Looks like Tado made some maintenance on their servers in the afternoon and have changed their unofficial API in the process.

See here for service update: https://tado.statuspage.io/

Hopefully only temporary.


probably related to this:

Starting March 2019, authentication will require retrieving access and refresh tokens from auth.tado.com

PyTado did not yet switch to the new authentication server, but tado probably did, as it seems.

you can fix it manually in the library file:


Is it also possible to fix this as a hassio user?


I created a custom component using the git files but pointed the pypi dependency at another version. This then downloaded the required files to the deps in the config folder. Once these existed I changed the pypi dependency back. This made the deps in the config folder the ones that need editing. A restart later and we are working.

Setup failed for tado

Cheers, I’ll look into that later


This took it for me…

The command to find my file:
sudo find / -name interface.py | grep ado

And the path to change the file:

After an reboot it worked again.


Hi, with the update to 0.90.0 my Device Tracker from Tado don`t work also.
With 0.89 the Device Tracker works.
What means auth provider in configuration.yaml.
What must i do that tado works again with temeperature and device Tracker ?


0.90 didn’t fix tado for me either.

Tado doesn’t start up, from the logs:

Unable to connect to mytado with username and password

Setup failed for tado: Component failed to initialize.


works again with 0.90.1, thanks!