Tapo Devices Fail to Connect

New to HA and continue to have problems.

Am now trying to get Tapo devices added via the Tapo integration.

I have all that loaded then following the instructions

How to add a Tapo device (after installing the integration)

Using UI

  1. Be sure the integration is installed successfully
  2. Go to integrations menu
  3. Search for Tapo integration
  4. Insert host (ip address), username and password for control your tapo device (the same used for tapo app). If you have a problem in this phase, like “invalid auth” error, please see #122, and if error persist write a comment in the same issue
  5. Wait for connection. It automatically recognize if the tapo device is switch or light or something else :slight_smile:

I get the usual “Failed to Connect”.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Any assitant would be greatly Appreacited.


Which kind of tapo device are you associating?

I’m using some tapo p115 smart plugs and all I had to do to integrate them in Home Assistant is to integrate them in the tapo app first and connected them to the same wifi of the device that is running Home Assistant, then through the tapo integration in Home Assistant I had to insert my credentials of the tapo App and the ip address of the device and everythings work.

Tried it again and it seems to work.

Apparantly there is a differnece in HA between TP-LINK Kasa Smart and TP-Link Tapo. Thou they both appear together in the iphone Tapo App. HA must be catching up.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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