Target temperature not working on Fibaro FGT-001 fw ver. 4.6

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I was planning to use the Fibaro Heat Controllers in my home installation. I did tests on FGT001 fw ver. 4.5 and everything worked just fine, so iI ordered 10 more units. Unfortunately, this time I get FGT-001 fw ver. 4.6… and HA doesn’t detect it correctly. Instead of the model name it gives “Unknown: type=1301, id=1001” on the device list (the previous model is has a type=1301 and id=1000). The getting target temperature doesn’t work (is null), sending remote temperature to the thermostat dosn’t work neither. I have the latest version of home assistant running on raspbbery 4 with HA in docker. There is no way to sending devices back, so please help:(.

All threads I found were related to problems with refreshing values:

If the previous model is working, then all you need to do is update the OZW config files to support the new one. Basically, you need to edit the manufacturing_specific.xml file to include the newer version of the device (type=1301 and id=1000). OZW 1.6 already has done this:

How have you installed HA? You will need to download the config files from here, edit manufacturing_specific.xml to include your device, configure zwave to use the modified files, then remove and add the node again.

The other alternative would be to wait for the next release and use the new OZW integration, which will add climate devices and should support your new device without any modification.

It works! Thank you very much!

I’ll describe exactly what I’ve done, maybe it’ll be useful to someone:

  1. I downloaded the v1.4 HASS fork .
  2. I’ve Changed downloaded open-zwave-hass/config/manufacturer_specific.xml file. (I simply added a new line with new device code)
  3. then i renamed open-zwave-hass/config folder to open-zwave-hass/zwave-config
  4. and copied that folder (open-zwave-hass/zwave-config) to config folder on hassio
  5. I’ve Added ‘zwave: config_path: /config/openzwave_config’ to my /config/configuration.yaml and restarted hassio
  6. And the last but not least i’ve remove and add a device again to my z-wave network

So simple! Thank you aganin freshcoast! You saved my lifie:)