Tasmota integration for covers does not use the correct topic for receiving the position

as discussed here, the integration uses the topic


to read the position of the cover. This topic is only sent once after the cover reached his new position.

Another topic is send while the cover actually moves.

stat/shutter/xxx/RESULT {“Shutter1”:{“Position”:74,“Direction”:-1,“Target”:0,“Tilt”:0}}
stat/shutter/xxx/RESULT {“Shutter1”:{“Position”:73,“Direction”:-1,“Target”:0,“Tilt”:0}}
stat/shutter/xxx/RESULT {“Shutter1”:{“Position”:64,“Direction”:-1,“Target”:0,“Tilt”:0}}

Using this allows to update cover status in the UI very close to the actual movement.

In the above post I show how I created an mqtt cover item that uses these RESULT topics to update the position status (in case someone is interested). Works fine since a few years now. But I’d prefer to use the integration. Much less work to do.

Thanks, Dieter

If the integration is using the incorrect topic that is an issue, not a feature request. Open one here:

Hi Tom,
well, that was my first idea as well (open an issue).
But the integration works (somewhat) and the other topic would be an improvement.

If you still think I should add an issue, let me know.

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