TCP light bulb automation/integration

So I want to add my tcp light bulb to my home assistant (running on rpi4 64bits) but I don’t know how to setup to connect. Also this is my light bulb TCP Smart 9W 806lm RGBW Bulb

I have setup already with my google nest hub connected with it, I live in the UK also.

It looks like a Tuya device. Have you tried adding that integration?

not yet ill try that now

sadly it did not work

did you ever get this to work?

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Yes! 1 month later and I finally did it :grinning:

would you mind sharing how you did this

how I did this is with tuya.
go to

sadly I tried with a new set of HA but my tuya doesn’t work bc of the trial expired
I might del the account then use my other email.

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to check your device is compatible use this website to see