Teepao window cover/shutters integration

Hello guys,

I made this shutters work in HA over tasmota and MQTT.

  • Open Teepao switch and wire USB to TTL like this:

  • Flash an forked Version from tasmota.
    You can find it here: https://github.com/stefanbode/Sonoff-Tasmota

  • In the webUI go to:
    Configuration > Configure other > Configure template

  • Insert into the template fileds the following JSON data:

  • Check the “activate” box and save settings, your device will now reboot.

  • Go to “Console” and type in the following settings:
    INTERLOCK 1,2 - Important !
    SLEEP 0 - Important !

  • Reboot your device manually.

  • It should look like this:

  • Measure the time to fully open your blinds. And set it with
    SHUTTEROPENDURATION 20 (e.g. for 20 seconds)

  • Measure the time to fully close your blinds. And set it with
    SHUTTERCLOSEDURATION 25 (e.g. for 25 seconds)

  • Add cover section in HA:

        - platform: mqtt
          name: "name"
          availability_topic: "tele/ShutterSchlaf/LWT"
          payload_available: "Online"
          payload_not_available: "Offline"
          position_topic: stat/ShutterSchlaf/SHUTTER1
          position_open: 100
          position_closed: 0
          set_position_topic: "cmnd/ShutterSchlaf/shutterposition"
          command_topic: "cmnd/ShutterSchlaf/backlog"
          payload_open: "SHUTTEROPEN"
          payload_close: "SHUTTERCLOSE"
          payload_stop: "SHUTTERSTOP"
          retain: false
          optimistic: false
          qos: 1

Now you are ready, restart home assistant and it should work.

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Are you using blinds? If yes which ones?

No sorry, I am using outside window shutters. Replaced my old manual gira switches with those.

But it should work every blind with one motor for up and on for down.

Hi Dielee!

Thank you for the awesome work you did and for your time to write this article. I was looking for a solution to the same problem, and your project is already here. I followed your instructions, the controller works just fine!

Thank you!

I have only one question left… What is the exact role of the middle ( pause ) button? For me it looks like it is a duplicate of the “open” button. Can I set it up to work as a pause button instead? It would be amazing to be able to stop the shutters in transient position with a button also, not just the slider in tasmota.

Thank you!

Hi Peter,

I am aware of this mistake.
You can stop the blind by touching the up or down button again.

The pause button is currently not working.


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Thank you for your answer, I understood. Is there any way I can help you with rectifying this issue? Do we need to modify the source in arduino IDE or we can accomplish by tasmota setup?

In tasmota this setting is not possible. I have tried some things, unfortunately without success.
In tasmota code you could do that, but unfortunately I don’t know how.

Hi Dielee
I bought several Teepao Shutter Switches after reading your post, but i am not sure how to use your Tasmota fork.
At first I downloaden your sonoff.bin from this page:

and flashed it to the Teepao device. Then after reboot of the ESP I did not get an access point. So i downloaded the origional Tasmota version and that flashed OK and gave an AP perfectly.
But I will be using these switches for screens on my windows, so that’s why i would like to use your fork of the Tasmota fw.
With the origional Tasmota fw and entering the accompaniyng Template on this page: https://blakadder.github.io/templates/teepao_schalter.html I get a complete other configured switch as in your example here.

Further i noticed that your sonoff.bin is only 65 KB in size, while the origional Tasmota sonoff.bin is 505 KB in size.

I am not sure how to use your fork from Tasmota. Can you explain me how to use it? Or is there no complete bin file and should i merge your software in some way with the origional Tasmota firmware?
If so, would it be possible for you to provide me with a complete bin file, like Theo Arends does?
Or explain me how to use your fw…

Kind regards, Bert

Okay, you can see it on the picture, look close.

Yes, Sorry, I did see it, but a bit too late…
Flashed it and runned into an other issue. See my edited post above.

I don’t know if the .bin files work. I downloaded the code and compiled my own image file with ardudino IDE.

Download this ZIP: https://github.com/stefanbode/Sonoff-Tasmota/archive/master.zip

Unpack it and change the my_user_config.h to your needs in Arduino IDE.
Then flash the firmware with Arduino IDE to the shutter switch.

If this won’t work, or don’t now how to do it, try this file:

I compiled this version for your needs.
This should open up an AP after boot.

Hi Stefan,
Thank you for your help so far!
I downloaded the file from the cloud.linusdietz.eu site and flashed it to the Teepao switch. I got an AP with the name Shutter-3945 and connected to it.
But the it gave a Login page for Sonoff Basic Module named shutter.
It asks for a User and Password…
It does not accept anything i try…

I think i’l try tomorrow to compile the source code. I use VSCode/PlatformIO, hopefully i can manage. If not i’l try the Arduino IDE.

I’m really sorry.
I forgot to remove the web password from the configuration.

Here is the new bin file without web password:

Hi Linus,
Thank you for providing the new bin file. Flashed it and it looks like it works!
I have messured the time to open and close and configured these.
Next i’l connect one switch to a screen.
Thank you for the bin file of this fork! I had read about this Tasmota fork and then decided to buy 4 of these switches… Glad it is working so far.

Configured the MQTT connection for my openHAB installation (sorry no HA) and that seems to be working too.

But as Denes_Peti already mentioned, it would be great if the Pause (middle) button could be made working too.

Hi Linus, do you have a new BIN? Link above doesnt work anymore…

I’ve flashed it lastnight with ESP Tool (bin from Tasmota fork package) and i could initially connect to WIFI_MANAGER, now when assembled together up and pause button light are on and relays go click, click… so i need to solder again and connect to PC for reflashing…



i have successful flashed a Teepao Curtain Switch with the Tasmota fork.
With the following template the LEDs and Buttons are working nearly perfect. Pity that the slider gets no feedback. But the middle button (button3) don´t work fine.


Hi Marko,

uploaded it again.

Here is the link:

Guys, I installed 4 of these controllers, previously flashed and configured according to this guide, thank you!

However, after working for a while (few days), one of them reset itself back to tasmota defaults, like how it is immediately after flashing. I assume, the configuration was gone. Allright, I reflashed and reconfigured.

This monrning another one reset itself…

Did you experience the same issue? Any ideas, whats happening?

Thank you!

Mine are working for a few month without problems… Seems to bee an software problem.
Which core and tasmota version do you use ?