Telegram notify a group

I am trying to get my HASS to send a notification via Telegram. I have it working with a bot now but my question is, how do I send it to a group instead of just the bot?

Why? My wife and I have a family group so if the notification went there it would make more sense.

Is it possible?

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You should add the bot to the group and use the group’s chat ID. Haven’t tried it personally, but this has been discussed several times.

Yup, I tried that but sending to the group chat_id didn’t work.

The Telegram group chat ID starts with a negative (-) sign. Is yours start with a negative sign?

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I had the same issue. And managed to achieve that using the minus sign:



and then on


  • name: MyBot
    platform: telegram
    chat_id: -12345678

Hello Danesh! I am new here. Facing the same problem. How did you manage this? Thanks in advance.

Hey Danesh, you can definitely use a group but there are a couple of stumbling blocks, one of which has already been mentioned (using a “-” sign for the group).

I have recently written a complete step-by-step guide (with plenty of pictures) on how to set up Telegram in Home Assistant. It covers the complete process for setting up Telegram, including how to get the bot to work in a group. Would be great to get some feedback from anyone who follows the steps :grinning:


Great content! It helped me a lot!

Thanks for sharing Knowledge!

Cheers mate!

Awesome! Really glad it helped! :smiley:

great guide!
thanks for this

HI! do you know if the bot still working? nothing happens after /star

the guide and mainly the @botid part works great. I was unable to fing Group ID , this guide helped me, thank you.

YES now it works espacially the easy way to geht the correct Group IDs is perfect.
That was the Solution for me. The Bot works in our group perfect now

Thanx a Lot

Hey! I am just trying to find out how to send a message to a telegram group using HASS. I followed your tutorial, however, when I call the service “Telegram bot: Send message” to test it and supply the chat ID the GetIDs Bot was giving to me within my group, the message ends up in the private chat between me and my bot, and not in the group.
Do you maybe know why?

Ok I see I should be using notify.[name from configuration.yml]. Can I also attach videos and photos?

Nevermind, I had wrong chat ID for the group in configuration.yml. Now both the notifier as well as “Telegram bot: Send message” etc. works fine to send to the group.