Tellstick duo sensor config?

Hi. I need help.
Installed the tellstick addon and edited /config/configuration.yaml

  host: core-tellstick
  port: [50800, 50801]
  signal_repetitions: 3
  platform: tellstick
  platform: tellstick
  datatype_mask: 127
  platform: tellstick

I managed to get a dimmer working by editing the tellstick addon example configuration:

  - id: 1
    name: Taklampa TV-rum
    protocol: arctech
    model: selflearning-dimmer
    house: '295'
    unit: '1'
  - id: 2
    name: Example device two
    protocol: everflourish
    model: selflearning-switch
    house: A
    unit: '2'

Several sensors are showing up on the overview:

But how and where do I configure these??
In /config/configuration.yaml?
In tellstick addon configuration?
In both?
Somewhere else?

The lack of consistent documentation, or my unability to find it, is frustrating.
The only sources I have found are

and the tellstick addon built in documentation. Is there anyone else?
According to the two above, it seems that switches, dimmers etc should be configured in the tellstick addon configuration, but sensors should be configured in /config/configuration.yaml.
That doesn’t make sense to me.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello Lage.

I just had the same problem, migrating from RPi3 (running 0.96) to RPi4 (Running 0.115.2).
It is a litle confusing, but you have to do some of the settings in the AddOn config and some in config/configuration.yaml.

My config/configuration.yaml (the Tellstick part)

# Tellstick DUO
  host: core-tellstick
  port: [50800, 50801]
  signal_repetitions: 4

sensor: !include sensor.yaml

And my sensor.yaml

#   Tellstick
- platform: tellstick
  temperature_scale: "°C"
     - id: 192
       name: Ljusstyrka
     - id: 145
       name: Stektermometer
     - id: 189
       name: Temp_Baksidan
     - id: 167
       name: 3D_Skrivaren
     - id: 168
       name: 3d_Skrivaren_ext

And the AddOn config

  - id: 2
    name: Jossans_Via_Duo
    protocol: arctech
    model: 'selflearning-switch:proove'
    house: '2406'
    unit: '14'
  - id: 3
    name: OfficeShelf
    protocol: arctech
    model: 'selflearning-switch:nexa'
    house: '50974718'
    unit: '16'

Confusing is an understatement.
So you made a new file, sensor.yaml, just for clarity?
Locaced in /config/ i assume?

In fact, sensor.yaml is much larger than what I show here, it contains all my sensors except sensor-binary which is located in sensor_bin.yaml
The reason I do it this way is that otherwise configuration.yaml will be large and confusing …:wink:
sensor.yaml and sensor_bin.yaml are both in config

Ok. What does sensor-binary means?

sensor_binary are sensors with only two positions (on / off - 1/0 - detected / clear), for example motion sensors.

Could you show the sensor_bin.yaml looks like? I trying to add a motion sensor and a door sensor.

Do you want to add a 433Mhz sensor?

To do this, you need to know the codes from the sensors. (See the sensors as remote controls, which control a light, you pair the sensor with a light). In Home Assistant, you can instead connect the sensor to an automation that in turn controls what you want.

To obtain the codes from the sensors, run the following command in the CLI

nc core-tellstick 50801

Then you activate the sensor and what comes up looks something like this:


(In my case this is a remote)

There you can read everything you need to enter in the TellStick conf:

  - id: 6
    name: [Your name for it]
    protocol: arctech
    model: 'selflearning-dimmer:proove'
    house: '41819134'
    unit: '15'

Hope this helps!