Tellstick install on Raspberry Pi

A general question about installation. I want to use Tellstick with Home Assistant on my Raspberry Pi. I have already installed Home Assistant.
Should I then install Telldus drivers and also configure devices in telldus.conf?
Enabled Tellstick in configuration.yaml with:
platform: tellstick

Is this the correct way to get started?

@Svartbacken You are correct. Got nothing to add really.
A quick tip that I forget way to often. Don’t forget to restart the telldus deamon after updating the telldus.conf file to have the changes reflected in the tdtool or HA

You also have to enable the Tellstick hub in the config:

  signal_repetitions: 2 # optional


I will give it a try.

It works great.
Now just to get the http API to work from my Fibaro Home Center 2 with LUA script.

Has anybody created a install script for the Telldus Tellstick on Raspberry Pi ?
Simular to the “Raspberry Pi All-In-One Installer”.
I will also be setting up Tellstic Duo with my Home Assistant.

There’s no install script as of now for tellstick.


Is it possible to use Tellstick classic with HA?

Yes it is,.
I had one before switching to DUO

What are the differences between tellstick classic and duo?

DUO can receive signals too. Classic can only send.
Good if you want to use it for input

Good option to have.

Yes I think so too
I use input for temperatures, window sensors and physical buttons

Do you now how big duo is?

found it! sorry

Hi, have struggled with z wave sensors and I’m thinking of getting a tellstick and some sensors.
Can anyone prsome feedback on the product and what’s the average distance range. Thank you

We live in a house that is 140 m2 and we have no problem. Just place the sender, we use Tellstick duo, in the center ofta your house.

@Henrik1986 thank you very much. I’ve ordered it :wink:
I may need some installation guidance when it arrives. Can you recommend a link. The OEM’s site is in Swedish…

Unfortunately not because I’m from Sweden. But I think you can take the ssh parts. @juan11perez