Temperature is jumping from SONOFF thermostat

Hi there,
it’s my first post here. I’m using Home Assistant since a half year and started using cloud services in November.

Today I found something weird. All of my SONOFF thermostats are jumping with current temperature, per second.
It changes the current temperature randomized from -6.4 to 53.x degree Celsius. I found that there’s a new function in the zigbee device configuration called “offset”. I’ve changed this and after that it works sometimes nearly normally, but not with all of my thermostats. “Nearly” because it’s shows the temperature 2-5 degree lower as it’s really is.

I noticed that in version 2024.1.2. installed in 7th January.
Then I restored the backup from 2023.12.4 Despite the rollback, I still have the issue with at least one device.

Does anyone has the same issue?
Or do you have an idea how I can fix this?

Edit: Added some screenshots :slight_smile:
Here some historic data from the actual temperature from one of my thermostats in the last 45 minutes.

Solved! (with workaround)
Its actually the combination with the new entity for zigbee SONOFF TRVZB “number…local_temperatur_offset” in the device configuration and the template Advanced Heating Control
Workaround is: deactivating the automation from the template Advanced Heating Control with the thermostat. I needed to reset the thermostat to factory defaults, but do not have to re-register in the zigbee network.
Then deactivating the entity of local_temperatur_offset in the device settings and upgrade the template to beta version 4. Here I have to activate the “Generic Calibration” and “Calibration Full Rounding”.

The issue was that the automation tried to set the offset temperature from external thermometer in the thermostat. Then the actual temperature is just jumping from the thermostat.

Hi @mEttWuasT I am having the same issue, can you explain the process for me with a bit more context, possibly because I am a thicky.

Many thanks

I’ve same issue with using Better Thermostat managing my TRV’s.
Could you explain how to set up this callibration?