Template for NOT home FOR some minutes

I am trying to turn on a boolean when I am leaving home for 30 minutes, but I cant figure this out.
This is what I have so far but it is not triggering.

  - platform: template
    value_template: "{{ (states.device_tracker.mytracker.state != 'home' and ((as_timestamp(now()) - as_timestamp(states.device_tracker.gmytracker.last_changed)) / 60 )| int > 30) }}"

Being ahead, I want to explain that using the simple state trigger cant work:

  - platform: state
    entity_id: device_tracker.mytracker
    to: 'not_home'
      minutes: 10

The reason this will not work, is because I can be in less that 10 minutes in another zone. That will not trigger the boolean as the state will not be “not_home” for 30 minutes.
Thats why I am using this template and this argument “!=” so this will limit the trigger for just when the state is NOT home, no matter what the state is…

but couldn’t you do a similar thing only in reverse:

  - platform: state
    entity_id: device_tracker.mytracker
    from: 'home'
      minutes: 10

but if that doesn’t work then you will not be able to use as_timestamp(now()) in your template because it doesn’t cause the template to update on a change. you have to use a date/time sensor:

then you can use this as your template:

{{ ((as_timestamp(states.sensor.date.state + ' ' + states.sensor.time.state) - as_timestamp(states.device_tracker.gmytracker.last_changed)) / 60 ) | int > 30 }}

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When you use the “for” argument, you can only use “to”.

I used your template and it still didnt work for me:

  - platform: template
    value_template: '{{ (states.device_tracker.mytracker.state != "home" and ((as_timestamp(states.sensor.date.state + " " + states.sensor.time.state) - as_timestamp(states.device_tracker.mytacker.last_changed)) / 60 ) | int > 1) }}'

if you notice, I changed the single quotes with double because I use them at the beginning and the end of the template. Could this be a problem?

Forget what I said. It works correctly! I just had to wait one more minute! Thank you very much for the template. I just used 1 minute to test the trigger, but I will go for the real deal now. I think it will still work. I will come back if not. Thank you again!

It shouldn’t.

Do you have the date & time sensors in your config?

Yea, I edited my post same time with your post. It is working :slight_smile:

I’m kind of trying to do the opposite. I want to run an automation after I’ve entered a zone for X minutes. I have a working automation right, now but with 6 triggers, one for each zone. I was going to do

from: not_home
minutes: X

but realized that does not work. Would the template above work the same way if I just changed it like so

  - platform: template
    value_template: '{{ (states.device_tracker.paul_all.state != "not_home" and ((as_timestamp(states.sensor.date.state + " " + states.sensor.time.state) - as_timestamp(states.device_tracker.paul_all.last_changed)) / 60 ) | int > 6 ) }}'

It should be… It looks correct to me. Have you tried it?

I have to admit I’m having trouble making this human readable.

value_template: '{{ (states.device_tracker.life360_marj.state != "home" and ((as_timestamp(states.sensor.date.state + " " + states.sensor.time.state) - as_timestamp(states.device_tracker.life360_marj.last_changed)) / 60 ) | int > 1) }}'

Would someone mind deconstructing it? I can never manage to make it be ‘true’ in the template editor, despite the fact marj’s life360sensor has recently updated.

I’ve taken your template and modified it with my details and deconstructed it the template editor.

Here are the results: